Harphoul Mohini 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Harphoul Mohini 16th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Mohini says thanks to Harphoul for supporting her. She says that he got the opportunity to come clean to their family still he didn’t tell them. Then again, Shalini reviews that how Balwant advised her to do a thing before Devi utilizes her detestable powers against them.

Devi gives food to Saraswati. Shalini sees that nobody seeing her. She gives milk to Devi. Devi requests that she bring milk for her day to day and she drinks it. Shalini believes that this zesty milk will take care of it’s business. She gets stunned seeing Devi drinking all the milk. Devi says that this milk is so sweet. Shalini gives milk to Santok.

He likewise lauds the taste and leaves from that point. Shalini gets confounded hearing him. She drinks milk and she hacks. Devi asks her that what occurred. Maai gets stunned seeing Shalini’s red face. She calls everybody there. Devi illuminates them everything.

Afterward, Shalini shows the hot milk to Balwant and says that it didn’t influence Devi by any stretch of the imagination. Devyani inquires as to whether the last option truly blended stew or not. Shalini gives the milk to her. Devyani hacks subsequent to drinking it. Balwant ponders that who is this Devi.

Harphoul lets Mohini know that he can’t rest calmly until Devi is there. He asks her that for what valid reason she isn’t understanding that Devi is risk for them. He says that one day truth will become obvious without a doubt. He adds that he can’t fail to remember that Devi emerged from the watermelon. Maai asks him that the thing he said about Devi.

He changes the point saying that Devi ate a ton of watermelon. He says that Mohini supporting Devi generally so he flew off the handle. Mohini informs Maai that the last option know concerning Harphoul’s annoyance as of now. Maai inquires as to whether the last option is coming clean. Harphoul requests that she not stress and rest. Maai leaves the room.

Mohini inquires as to whether he responds like this then where she will go. She says that she will remain in this house provided that Devi stays with her. He asks her that for what good reason she is talking like this.

After some time, Devi orchestrates cushion to rest. Harphoul chides her for contacting the pad. He advises her to rest on the floor. Devi sets down on the floor. Mohini goes into the room and she sets down adjacent to Devi. Harphoul additionally sets down on the floor. Devi grins at him so he pivots.

Maai says that she heard Harphoul obviously yet how can that be. Devi gets up and goes out. She arrives at Balwant’s home. She reviews the condemnations pregnant women provided for Balwant. She awakens him by contorting his hand. He gets stunned seeing Devi in Goddess avtar. Devi cuts him and it ends up being Balwant’s fantasy. He sees wound on his hand. He says that Devi is definitely not a typical youngster and he needs to meet her.

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