Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th December 2021 Written Story:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai eighth December 2021 Vibhuti sitting in park alone says life suvks and rests on seat. Expert and Gupta together examining about winter. Ace gets some information about her with. Gupta says she went to her home for finishing some work in regards to will for 2-3 months.

Vibhu hear and thinks this mean Gupta house is unfilled for few days. Ace says my better half is additionally out , went to her home, I’m isolated in house. Vibhu calls Master says return home, your eife will be looking through you. Ace says I don’t rome out in night in light of the fact that my better half don’t permit yet presently a days my significant other isn’t home.

Vibhu says alright, would i be able to live for not many days with you uf you wouldn’t fret. Gupta says there are 12 relative coming to house and I received message from my significant other she is coming. Ace says my better half’s transport has shown up I need to leave. Vibhu says the two of them don’t merit being at there position, somebody is in a difficult situation and not making a difference.

Tillu sitting on kitchen counter going to God for Munmun. Munmun strolls to him. Tillu says you here. Munmun says you are administrator and still take care of errands. Tillu says from most recent couple of days I want to take care of tasks. Munmun says you look charming when you clean utensils. Tillu says I love washing utensils when somebody like you see, I feel fiery. Munmun expresses what is your connection with Tiwari.

Tillu says he is my sibling. Munmun ask then what will be my connection. A man outside window yells Sister and disappear. Tillu figures she will be my sister naturally. Munmun expresses what are you thinking way are you quiet. Tillu says I think about your sibling as old buddy. More peculiar strolls in expresses what a period individuals are attempting get draw in with there companion’s sister. Munmun grin.

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Tillu says I was saying to you awful young men are expanding step by step in this settlement, we should sit in lobby and talk. Munmun says OK ans gets injured while getting down of counter, says I’m harmed can’t walk kindly jolt of energy. Tillu get her and take to corridor says assuming you permit me would i be able to keep you on couch. Munmun says I need to remain this way and kindly sing a heartfelt tune for me since I can’t rest in night.

Tiwari strolls in and yells Tillu. Munmun get frightened and remain close to Tiwari. Tiwari ask what was this garbage. Tillu says she was not feeling lethargic so I got her and singing bedtime song so she get to rest. Tiwari yells you don’t have that standing to get her. Tillu yells to pick somebody we really want strength not standing. Tiwari says you don’t have notoriety nor strength your poor. Angoori strolls in ask what happen tell me for what valid reason are you yelling. Tiwari says this worker got her and was singing children’s song for her.

Munmun says singing bedtime song is wrongdoing. Tillu says I swear I was simply singing bedtime song to her. Tiwari says in case we didn’t stop you today then in the future you will cross line. Munmun says don’t say like this. Tiwari says shutup Munmun it’s against our family morals. Angoori expresses what family morals he was simply singing cradlesong not accomplishing something awful. Tillu says for what reason I’ll accomplish something awful afterall I began loving Munmun and need to get hitched to her.

Tiwari yells she spend all the more then your compensation every day chastens him and kick him and push him, Tillu concealed his head in entryway. Angoori says you don’t sing bedtime song to anybody and not permitting others to sing. Tiwari yells at them and take them higher up. Tillu gets passionate and says I’ll not quit cherishing.

Pelu in his home eating and drinking. Vibhu come and see Pelu eating. Pely tosses bone outside. Vibhu sees that says I’m ver, sit on cart says somebody pickpocket me or probably would have rested in an inn. Pelu begin playing melodies. Tillu strolls to them go to Vibhuti. Vibhu says Anu. Tillu says not Anu Anna. Vibhuti expresses why are you here. Tillu says consider we are on same spot. Vibhu says thia can’t occur. Tillu says I figure you didn’t cherish anybody. Vibhuti says I cherished Anu.

Tillu says and I love Munmun. Vibhuti expresses what’s that match of your affection and mine. Tillu says love will be love in case individual might be poor or rich afterall we yave no distinction now you and me both are on road, Bhabhi showed you out and my supervisor showed me out. Vibhu give him exchange. Tillu says you are gifted and would be popular like Ashif Shaikh. Vibhu says I’m not Asuf Shaikh. Tillu says the manner in which you give your exchange it seemed like a business magnate. Vibhu says I need to turn into a financial specialist popular one. Tillu begin crying and says Tiwari wryly said me you are not a child of business, I want to be a child of finance manager. Vibhu says you are child of financial specialist. Tillu says I’m not. Vibhu slaps him, Tillu says I’m.

Next morning. Vibhuti and Tillu outside Tiwari’s home. Vibhu request that he give paper which they made and says you great examine photograph. Tillu says I’m frightened. Vibhuti says don’t be frightened. Tillu says I was kicked out of house when they get to be familiar with my adoration. Vibhuti says take a gander at me how frequently I have kicked yet at the same time I didn’t quit pursuing, says give me that paper and he tosses at entryway.

Angoori leaves says here is your paper Tiwari. Tiwari strolls to her says proceed to make tea quick, sees Anu entryway thinks Bhabhi went to Lakhimpur Giri says proceed to make tea till the time I read paper. Angoori sees paper says this face is recognizable. Tiwari sees feature BC got TC says it’s Tillu that on first page did he tricked him as well. Angoori says read first. Tiwari peruses article says London’s well known financial specialist Billu Chopra has tracked down his lost child,

Tillu Chopra fled feom London when he was youthful in light of the fact that he didn’t have any preference for property so he was living as a destitute individual in India, it’s said he use to work at an Undergarments shop of Tiwari who didn’t pay him for some time ,presently Tillu Chopra is distraught in the wake of having Crore of property since he says when there is no adoration in my life then how I’ll manage this property, somebody yells be there to use that abundance. Angoori says I didn’t realize Tillu was that much rich. Tiwari says I thought he ia poor everytime. Angoori says I thought he was rich before.

Saxena on road see Vibhuti and Tillu sitting external Tiwari’s home and stop. Tiwari calls Saxena and says did your read news on first page. Vibhu and Tillu begin beseeching him to cooperate with them. Tiwari give him paper and says let me know how much truth is it. Saxena takes a gander at them and ask Tiwari let me know what you need to know. Angoori says we need to know how much genuine is this information.

Saxena says this news is valid I realize Tillu is child of BC well known finance manager Billu Chopra, his dad use to get back to him says come. Tillu is difficult says I’ll not return till the time somebody hurt me and presently I think somebody hurt him so he returned to his dad, this heart is delicate individuals get injured effectively and Saxena leaves. Tiwari request that Angoori go make tea.

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