Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 8th December 2021 Written Story:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin eighth December 2021 Sai inquires as to whether he cherishes her like a spouse. Virat says she is his better half and he.. She demands him to finish. He says fail to remember it. She irately squeezes his shoulder and afterward gets concerned. He applies haldi on her and runs . She runs behind him and understands its her creative mind.

Virat with his group checks security and gets down on DIG to find if serve dropped his outing. Serve gets back to him and illuminates that pastor denied to drop his outing and gets some information about Sada’s development and what has he chosen about his companion. Virat says he is offending his unwaveringness towards his obligation by asking this,

Sada is only a criminal for himself and not bestfriend. Burrow says he was expecting this reply from him and wants him to enjoy all that life has to offer as clergyman’s caravan will pass by in a short time. Virat gets once again into his jeep. Sada watches him stowing away on a tree.

Sai attempts to light sanctuary light. Bhavani insults her. Sai consumes her finger. Devi gets strained seeing that. A fear monger impacts Virat’s jeep. Sai attempts to quiet down Devi. Devi keeps on freezing. Ashwini attempts to quiet her down straightaway. Devi says she previously let them know that at whatever point Sai and Virat discrete ,they get into potential harm; assuming Sai is harmed here, even Virat should have; she needs to address Virat at the present time.

Sai says he is on a mission and henceforth they can’t address him. Virat and his group escape jeep harmed. Aircraft runs before them. Virat stops his group and says Sada needed to redirect their consideration behind aircraft with the goal that he can impact pastor’s escort. Surve illuminates that jeep tire have exploded.

He requests that Surve arrive at neighboring police headquarters and get a jeep. Surve receives a message that priest’s escort has arrived at their space. His stuff tumbles down and he look under jeep. Virat understands that Sada probably established bombs under a little extension. Sada holds packs under extension and stows away. Virat arrives at scaffold and tracks down sacks. Bomb crew checks it and tracks down just clock in packs. Surve illuminates that minster’s caravan is going to reach. Virat sees a robot with bomb flying.

Devi demands to meet Virat rehashing that his life is at serious risk. Family attempts to control her. Sai holds her. She breaks Sai’s mangalsutra accidentally. Family gets strained. Sonali remarks its abshagun, and Karishma remarks Virat went on Padva day and Sai didn’t perform pooja for his wellbeing, so this was self-evident.

Sai crying picks mangalsutra globules. Ashwini helps her. Pakhi remarks for what reason is Sai stressed when she generally viewed as her marriage as a common agreement and Virat as companion. She keeps spilling toxin. Ashwini and Bhavani shut her mouth with their answers and request that she help Sai pick dabs. On the opposite side, priest’s pass on arrives at span. Sada is going to impact drone bomb when Virat shoots robot and shoots it in air, bombing Sada’s arrangement.

Precap :Sai supplicates god to secure Modak and solicitations to send her mangalsutra and suhaag both back securely. Virat gets harmed during a shootout with Sada.

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