Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th December 2021 Written Story:

Scene Hitesh requested that everybody proceed with their work, Mangesh requested that he go. Jijabai said that Ramji should have a satisfied outlook on Rama’s bad conduct. Ramji didn’t uphold Rama’s conduct, however Jijabai shouldn’t have done what she did. Lakshmi addressed.

Ramji said that Tulsa clashed over a vegetable on the grounds that Bhim Rao didn’t care for it, however Jijabai didn’t respond to it. Why being annoyed with Rama. Everybody left. Anand needed to converse with Lakshmi, yet she denied, requested that Anand secure some position.

Bhim Rao said that Rama shouldn’t have sold her gems. Rama requested that Shanker play outside. Bhim Rao didn’t feel. Rama was vexed too; it was her mom’s last having a place. Bhim Roa might have made due without books. Rama needed to see him fulfilled and glad. Bhim Rao’s satisfaction lied in books. He has invested more energy with books than Rama. She can’t separate Bhim Rao from them. Bhim Rao could never need to separate himself from Rama. He said that Rama acted mischievously with Jijabai. Rama consented to apologize.

Lakshmi was disturbed with regards to Rama purchasing books. Jijabai said that she offered her all the more valuable having a place with purchase the books. Lakshmi needed to celebrate. Jijabai said that they would consume the books once more. Rama halted and cautioned Jijabai. She was sorry for her practices, asked Jijabai to never discuss copying the books again. Jijabai addressed. Rama left in fierceness.

Mangesh and Phuilya kidded and chuckled. Joku insulted Phuliya. Mangesh halted Joku, requested that he leave. Joku was content with Notun. Phuilya cried.

Lakshmi was irate, she needed to consume the books once more. Jijabai stooped her. Lakshmi was irate. Meera came and cautioned her. Lakshmi requested that Meera corner herself in this, she didn’t have a place with this house. Meera slapped Lakshmi.

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Bhim Roa and Rama were en route to look through work. some understudies came to Bhim Rao and showed him their assessment card. Joshi insulted and giggled at Bhim Rao for being not able to present the structure. Bhim Rao saluted them, requested that they leave. Joshi shoed Bhim Rao the ticket, he ridiculed Bhim Rao. Rama took the ticket and tore it. Joshi hollered. Bhim Rao halted her. Rama did what she thought about right. Rama left.

Meera said that she ought to have done that years prior to Jijabai. Lakshmi’s insults won’t break her. Jijabai and Lakshmi ought to consider their in – laws as favors. Meera wouldn’t permit them to meddle in Rama and Bhim Rao’s life.

Joshi halted a truck.

Rama backpedaled on understanding that Joshi may be getting out of hand with Bhim Rao.

Joshi and his companions were circumnavigating around Bhim Rao with rice in their grasp. Bhim Roa addressed. Joshi answered that they trusted that when individuals supplicate with rice secured their hands it works out as expected. Joshi wanted for Bhim to never study; he tossed the rice at Bhim Rao. Rama obstructed it with her saree. She didn’t need anybody to fix her significant other. She stuck the ticket, gave it to Joshi.

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