Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2022 Written Update:

Vibhu and Tiwari outside there house. Tillu camouflaged as Chinese come to them. Vibhu gets out whatever is this. Tillu says myself Khoon chooslee and sats let me know who is Tiwari. He says I’m. Tillu says go call Angoori. Tiwari asks how would you know. Tillu says he came at my slow down to have noodle.

Angoori emerge from house and gets invigorated in the wake of seeing Tillu strolls to him and embraces him. Tiwari shares with Vibhu what am I seeing. Tillu says we are getting late to go. Tiwari ask her where are you going. Angoori says I want to go to China with him yet until further notice I will have noodle. Tillu become’s energized and the two of them leave. Tiwari and Vibhu in shock.

Happu in police headquarters. Saxena strolls to him masked as ladies. Happu says now what occur with you. Saxena says this time Tiwari dumped me first he behaved like he love me and presently he respond like I’m nothing to him.

Happu says initially don’t come to me over and over crying and quit burning through my time. Saxena proceed to sit in his lap says till the time you don’t compose my report I’ll not get up. Happu request that Manohar get him and push him away. Chief strolls in and ask what’s going on and ask Saxena what’s up.

Saxena says he isn’t composing report. Official says don’t stress I’ll cause him to compose your report and acquaint himself with Saxena. Happu attempt to clarify him. Official stops him in the middle and play with Saxena. Happu yells at hin says he is Anokhe Lal Saxena and playing with us. Chief says she is an excellent woman. Happu calls chief and give shock to woman. Saxena welcomes him and uncover his personality.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks. Tiwari showing outrage to Vibhu on Angoori’s conduct. TMT strolls to them in there mask with Angoori and ask them how’s your party going. Tiwari says disregard us, I’m stressed over you. Angoori says enough Mannu and says I’m layered get-together so I’ll proceed to take rest and sak TMT to follow me. Everybody leaves. Tiwari crying.

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Vibhu shares with Tiwari I guarantee you I’ll not give any instruction on anything. David strolls to them ask what befall you. Vibhu says Angoori’s propensity had made us frantic. David says don’t stress all will be well in couple of days and apply deodrant. Vibhu ask him where are you going. David calls Ammaji. Tiwari in shock says Ammaji. Ammaji shares with David have arrived. David says gives up. Vibhu ask them where are you going.

David says we will disco bar and they leave. Tiwari crying. Vibhu attempting to quiet him down. Prem come to them and tells Vibhu give me my cash I really want it. Vibhu says would you be able to see us we are in issue and see time go from here and the two of them leave.

TMT in Tiwari’s home conversing with Angoori. Tiwari and Vibhu strolls in. Tiwari expresses out loud whatever is continuing. Angoori says would you be able to see they are proposing me. Tiwari yells at them says she is my better half and can’t leave me. Tillu says for what reason can’t, she is a cutting edge ladies she can go anyplace and ridicules him.

Malkhan says she will end up being my significant other and I’ll give you petroleum siphon. Vibhu yells at him says assuming you contact her I’ll broil you in your oil feed every one of the canines. Tiwari says she is my better half. Vibhu says your better half ismy spouse, sorry I overdid it she is my Bhabhi yet I can’t so this response. Tiwari says then, at that point, assault the. Angoori says pause and request that they show your face. TMT uncover there character. Tiwari and Vibhu yells at them. Anu strolls in says they did in light of the fact that I requested that they do in light of the fact that you were affronting her so to cause you to acknowledge we did this demonstration, I suspect as much your eyes are open at this point.

Tiwari says OK I have understood, strolls to Angoori and embrace her. Angoori says I likewise grieved you a ton. Vibhu clarify Tiwari his better half is ideal. Anu on account of TMT and says sorry to Tiwari for playing with his feelings. Tiwari says no concerns you caused me to acknowledge things due to that my adoration got expanded for her this happen in view of current ladies like you.

David sitting in lobby. Vibhuti strolls to him moving. David begin hitting the dance floor with him. Vibhuti tells him don’t move an excess of you are now taking long breath. David expresses out loud whatever occur, you are so blissful. Vibhu says I got cash and flex.

David says I realize you took them. Vibhu says Anu gave me. David says she more likely than not given you for some significant work. Vibhu says don’t stress I’ll deal with sellers I know them you simply sit and appreciate, request some brew, Vibhu receives message from Anu says she break my fantasy, she send a major rundown of work of cleaning everything. David says you are distant from everyone else in house can do at whatever point you need until further notice we should appreciate.

Vibhu says we can’t on the grounds that she composed explicitly that send me photograph and choose if you took care of business accurately or not and do a video call to cause you to accomplish practically everything individually, is this the life. David says now my disposition is ruined. Vibhu says Anu and god can’t see me cheerful, I’ll begin cleaning feom lobby you start in porche region.

David says I will not do. Vibhu says no I’ll not allow this to occur and they hoth begin contending for work. Vibhu says I’m sorry you need to take care of business and I have no other choice. David says I have a thought. Vibhu says this should be great or I’ll purchase a one way ticket for you to your home. David says don’t concern you will be cheerful soon.

TMT sitting close tae slow down. Tillu ask Teeka what are you examining paper. Teeka says I’m searching for work. David strolls to them chatting on telephone infront of TMT gets out whatever you need three grown-ups for your cleaning organization, let me know what ought to be there capability, goodness they should be grown-up don’t stress I’ll orchestrate something for yourself and detaches telephone. Teeka ask David who were you conversing with on telephone. David says I was conversing with my companion in London, he have a cleaning organization and he needs three grown-up dor his organization do you know any. Tillu says for what reason are you looking we three are here do you get any opportunity for us. David says OK I’ll talk for you.

Teeka asks what will be our work. David says the work is incredible you need to clean house and will get 80,000 rs each month. TMT become invigorated. David says for that I need to take a preliminary. Malkhan expresses out loud whatever sort of preliminary. David says see I have a standing there so I need to send great individuals for that I need to take preliminary of cleaning.

Tillu says we will really do yet let me know what we need to do. David says come to Vibhuti’s home I’ll let you know work and give you time limit, that work should be done in that given time, assuming it’s done in given time and check the nature of work and will impart that report to my companion after that they will give answer. Tillu says we are prepared.

TMT at Vibhu’s home says we went about our responsibilities. David says great job yet there is an issue my companion says he want to have report of 10 days since it’s unrealistic to decide on 1 day report. Vibhu shares with David what’s happening with you. David says Anu went to out for 10 days so we will make them work and we will appreciate. Malkhan ask them what are you talking. Vibhu says we were talking about that we ought to alk to Rose, Juliet and Leesa.

Tillu ask who are they. Vibhu says you are going unfamiliar so you will make companions right so there is companion of David who will converse with them so you can proceed to party with them, have fun time, work with them and presently you can leave. TMT become’s invigorated and leave. David and Vibhuti take glass and whisky to party. Vibhu says I never saw ediots like them. David says listen you planned to say something. Vibhuti says OK and insolence them. TMT at entryway hear them regarding there plan. David and Vibhu see them remaining at entryway. TMT get inside to beat them.

Precap :Tiwari with Anu in her home. Tiwari says sonnet for Anu. Anu says there was no aggravation in your sonnet. Tiwari say don’t worry.Tiwari shares with Angoori you need to affront me. Angoori begin mishandling him.

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