Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th February 2022 Written Update:

Tiwari enters Vibhu’s house and calls him. Vibhu comes out of the kitchen and says, “What happen to you?” Tiwari claims you are the cause of anger. Vibhu said calm down, tell me what you want.

Tiwari claims that Matina Natini, an African man, came to the house and became Angoori’s friend. Vibhu said that Bhabhiji had an African friend. Anu comes in and says that she is a modern woman, while modern women have male friends. Tiwari claims that this is against the law. Anu responds, “Oh I’m sorry that you’re also sitting here well. My modern eyes couldn’t see you not as a modern person.”

Tiwari asks Angoori to stop having any relationship with foreigners. Anu claims Angoori is a modern woman and has the right to choose her friends. Tiwari shouts at Vibhu. Anu asks Tiwari why he is shouting at Vibhu about what he did wrong. Tiwari claims he provoked Angoori to not take Angoori to my friend’s home.

If I take her, then Angoori’s English will make me feel insulted. Anu questions Vibhu if that is true. Vibhu claims he is lying, I don’t recall. Anu tells Anu to calm down. Angoori knows how to take care herself. Vibhu said that she’d make chapati.

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Happu Singh at the police station, talking to a phone. Saxena, dressed as a woman, walks in disguise and says that she has issues with few people. In the market, a few boys were eating snacks. But when I pass them, I feel sad. Happu asks why are you so sad. Saxena claims that those boys evetease me at the market. Happu Saya, you don’t need to be saf. Just file a case against these boys and ask him his name. He said that my name was Anokhi Lal Saxena.

Happu becomes confused and says, “Give me your hand” and then puts his hand into the light bulb socket. Saxena comes out of his disguise. Happu asks, “What is your new drama?” Saxena said that my inner woman is awakened and she wants to live this life to the fullest. Happu wants to know how she woke up. Saxena said exactly the same thing.

Tiwari and Vibhu at the garden. Tiwari is told by Vibhu that it feels like your blood pressure has increased after seeing you. Tiwari said that Angoori should be back soon because she is worried. Angoori, come back with Sheikh. Vibhu said that she was with Africans. What happened to her continent?

Malkhan, disguised as Sheikh, walks to them and greets them. Angoori claims he is my friend from Arab. I met him outside the temple. Tiwari shouts at Angoori. Vibhu beat Malkhan with Tiwari. Vibhu mocks him. Angoori asks Malkhan if he is okay. Malkhan assures Tiwari and Vibhu that I’m fine. He also says, “I don’t know how dangerous you are.” I’ll send you oily and boil you to make it safe for lion to eat.”

Tiwari tells Tiwari to shut up. Angoori claims you’re disrespecting my friend, so I won’t talk to you. Malkhan says that he’ll meet with you later. Tiwari tells Vibhu that it’s all because of you. Saxena passing by. Vibhu suggests that you think of the solution to this problem. You can see Saxena as a woman and pretend you are with her. Bhabhiji will then see you and feel jealous.

Vibhu, outside Saxena’s house, says sorry Bhabhiji but he has to speak to Saxena so that you can stop being modern. He knocks on Saxena’s door. Saxena calls him and asks how he got here. Vibhu claims that he came to deliver a message from Tiwari to you. He sent me as his pegion in order to transmit the message. Saxena mocks him. Vibhu believes that he keeps saying it Saxena, but you know I don’t raise my hand on women. Make fun of me. Saxena asks where have you gone?

Vibhu claims Tiwari is madly in love with him. Saxena claims that Tiwari has been married. Vibhu claims he wants to have a romance with you and create a new world. Saxena is excited and asks if he can arrange a meeting. Vibhu assures Saxena that if you come to Jhakarkatti Toad Sultan during the evening, you’ll find him there. Saxena, do you need anything? Vibhu tells you that I’ll catch up with you later, and then leaves.

Tiwari and Saxena Saxena said that she heard you wanted to meet me so I went. Tiwari says listen Anoke Lal. Saxena claims that I am Anokhi Lali, and came here to satisfy your love-lust. Tiwari wonders why Angoori wasn’t brought to Vibhu yet. Angoori asks Vibhu, where are you taking us? Vibhu claims I’m fine, but what I see is not okay. She shows her Tiwari and Saxena.

Angoori claims that Tiwari is doing the same with that woman. Vibhu claims he wants to be in a relationship with another woman. Angoori claims that this is impossible. Tiwari and Saxena get romantic and talk. Saxena asked Tiwari what has happened to your marriage life since you chose a different path. Tiwari said that my wife has been on your journey. However, she is different now.

Saxena said don’t worry, I’ll make your life easier. Tiwari asks them to be more positive and they hug one another. Angoori asks why I didn’t go deaf before hearing this. Vibhu claims it’s because he is on a modern path and is now with someone else. Angoori claims that he will be returning to Angoori. Vibhu gives Tiwari signal. Tiwari notices that and pushes Saxena. He then mocks his behavior and leaves. Saxena claims that Tiwari did wrong and that you played with my heart.

Angoori walks to Anu and says that he saw Tiwari with another person. Anu doesn’t know what. Angoori claims that he believes so. Anu asks Anu to calm down and tell him if he heard them talking. Angoori replies that he did hear a lot. He was calling her Anokhi, and they were discussing being romantic. Anu asked what the color was of her saree.

Angoori said it was a green color with a pink border. Anu asked how her hair looked. Angoori said that he had long hair. Anu says to relax Angoori, that lady was not other than Saxena. You saw Tiwari with her. Angoori believes this indicates that he is more forward-thinking. Anu claims he may not have liked your male friends, so he must’ve done that to make him jealous. However, he has forgotten one thing. He is against two Lioness. I tell him it’s time for the last big attack. Angoori agrees.

Tiwari was told by Vibhu that you have acted well. Tiwari said that all learned from you. Vibhu said that Bhabhiji would vomit on the right track if she thought about losing you. Tiwari said that Angoori should be back in her old avatar. Vibhu adds that the same pinch applies to me. I want your her old avatar back. Tillu, disguised as a Chinese man, stands in front of them.

Precap: Everyone at Tiwari’s house. Tiwari shouts that she is my wife and can’t leave me. Tillu, a Chinese man disguised as Tillu, says she cannot leave because she is a modern woman. Malkhan, disguised as Sheikh, says that I will give oil well. Vibhu claims that if you touch her, she will fry you in oil so you can give it to the dogs. Vibhu is told by Tiwari that she is my wife. Vibhu said that your wife was my wife. Tiwari in shock.

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