Ghar Ek Mandir 10th February 2022 Written Update:

Vedant is trying to find Nisha. Vedant then walks back to Genda and Nisha runs off. Vedant informs Genda that Nisha isn’t here. Genda claims she has entered a fake name, but Vedant insists that we need solid proof. Vedant wants to know if CCTV footage can be obtained. He is told it will take at least 2 days.

Mahajan celebrates his first case anniversary. Mahajan said that my first win was my lucky charm. He also stated that he has never lost. Mahajan also bets that he will win this case or my entire reputation will be destroyed.

Nisha plans to meet Mahajan, but Guard isn’t allowed to, Guard gets called, Nusha sneaks into, Guard follows her to stop her, Mahajan says it’s okay, Mahajan says it’s okay, and Genda asks Nisha where she will find her. Vedant sits at Mahajan.

Mahajan’s employee fixes the camera, and Nisha, Mahajan, and Mahajan view the video. Nisha is shocked to see Manish actually molest Sandy. Mahajan asks Nisha to save her husband. Mahajan says Nisha installed the camera. Nisha replies that Mahajan thought so. Mahajan believes this case could have been a risky one. Mahajan says Mahajan is guilty. Nisha insists that she will not keep him safe.

Genda and Vedant keep an eye on Mahajan’s office. Genda asks Mahajan if you have a gun, why hide? Vedant replies that they do not have any, so we need to shut up.
Varun calls Genda, and they need to go to Faridabad, India for design work. Genda responds that it is very nice, but she can’t now. Varun agrees, but I feel trapped here. Vedant tells Genda to stop crying. You always cry. Genda assures her that she won’t be. Genda and Vedant witness Nisha leaving in tears.

Ghar Ek Mandir 9th February 2022 Written Update:

Vedant questions Genda why she is crying. Genda replies that she saw the truth, and we need evidence. Vedant suggests that we must relive our lives and get the camera, but it’s important to make sure that the evidence is there. Genda promises me confirmation.

Genda walks up to Sandy and tells her, “I have to show today’s women what a woman feels.”
Nisha is in tears as she thinks about the video. Genda walks to Nisha with Sandy. Nisha questions Genda about what you want. Genda claims Sandy is lying. Nisha responds that she doesn’t want to talk with her. Genda tells Nisha that I have proof. Nisha then asks Genda what are you talking about. Genda replies that I know everything, starting from calling me Sandy, going to Mahajan with a camera, and then leaving in tears.

Sandy walks up to Nisha and says Diya. Genda tells her that Sandy is lying and Manish is innocent. Nisha then says, “Tell us Nisha Bhabhi, she’s lying,” and she looks into her eyes.

Genda, in shock, says that I said, “Look into Sandy’s eyes,” I mean, I want you to see how you can still trust him. Your tears tell us Manish has done wrong, but I won’t tell anybody because everyone will support you.” Genda then says, “I will find the truth” and show everyone, Manish is wrong, and then I will determine who my family supports, truth or lie. I know they will support and support me,” Genda departs with Sandy.

Sandy tells Genda that I need water and leaves. Genda notices Varun packing and says that you don’t like the jacket. Varun then holds Genda’s hand and says, “I know you’re upset with me. I can’t let Sandy alone.” Varun and Genda argue about packing. Genda slips Varun to Genda and they kiss.

Varun rushes to find someone, Anuradha claims he hit anyone he wanted to, this girl is a reason for bad vibes at our house. Everyone accuses me of letting her stay here and my son in prison. Society won’t allow us to live in peace, her character is so terrible that her parents have left her. Genda claims that Mummy is not to blame. Sandy goes to bed crying.

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