Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Smash getting close to home and Priya video calls him. She gets some information about his feelings of trepidation and Smash finds out if Adi told her beginning and end. The two of them examine aout their marriage. Priya expresses that from the opportunity she returned she needed to say a certain something and that is I love you.

Slam requests that she fail to remember the past and advises her that lady of the hour and husband to be shouldn’t see each other’s face before marriage. Priya says that she’s prepared to disrupt the guidelines and Slam prods her. They cut the call when Priya at last norices that the papers she has is property move papers and grasps their arrangement.

Veena comes to Smash to cause him to prepare. She comprehends that he needs his family’s presence in his wedding and has proactively chosen to name the properties on them. She requests that he pass it on to them and do whatever expected to bring them for the wedding. Nandhini and Shubh are anxious about what to do when Priya comes there. She cautions them to do nothing any longer and shows the papers. She threatens to onform Slam when Vedhika hits her from behind.

Nandhini gets stunned yet VCedhika says that they have no other choice. She says that she can’t allow Smash to grab everything from her thus made it happen. Shubh concurs with her. Meanwhile, Slam sends voice message to Nandhini about naming every one of the properties on her and solicitations her to go to the weding. He says that he generally thought of them as his family and he would feel fragmented without their presence.

Nandhini gets Smash’s voice message yet Vedhika and her child persuades her that they have no choice other than getting it done. Nandhini is going to play it yet adjusts her perspective tolerating their choice. Smash and Priya’s mom were fretfully sitting tight for Priya. The visitors come there and Smash requests Priya. They say that they don’t know however Smash imagines that they are tricking him. Vikrant guarantees that they are not tricking and they truly don’t have the foggiest idea where Priya is. Everybody gets terrified.

Nandhini comes there at that point and says that Priya won’t come as she left with Pihu. She gives a letter guaranteeing that it was left by Priya and Slam peruses it o find the penmanship coordinating with Priya. Nandhini kept Pihu prisoner with Priya. Nandhini disagrees utilizing Pihu against Priya so does Shubh however Vedhika claims that they have no choice. Nandhini advises her that Smash won’t keep very in the event that Priya doesn’t arrive at on time .

Precap: Priya and pihi will thump at the entryway as Smash will carry Police with him. Vedhika weill admonish him for carrying police and will hit him with blossom container. Everybody will get stunned.

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