Ajooni 1st November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Harman advises Ajooni that she need to open ledger for Aman. She gives her papers. She requests that she get Aman’s sign on the papers. Ajooni leaves from that point with papers. Chamko slams into Ajooni intentionally and changes the papers.

Ajooni goes to Aman’s room. Aman tells her that she told such a huge amount out of frustration. Ajooni lets her that know that is fine. She advises her to sign on the bank papers. Harvinder calls Ajooni and converses with her in various voice to occupy her. Aman signs on the legal documents.

Harvinder comes there and commendations Ajooni for her acting. He expresses gratitude toward her for aiding him. Ajooni asks him that for what valid reason he is saying thanks to her. He says that Ajooni took Aman’s sign on the legal documents that is the reason. Aman and Ajooni gets stunned hearing him. Harvinder lets Ajooni know that their work is finished so she want not to act.

He lets Aman know that he have no relationship with her from here onward. Aman argues him to not leave her. He tells her that she passed on him by giving separation to him. She lets him know that she don’t be aware to peruse and she marked in light of the fact that Ajooni requested that she make it happen. He educates her that he don’t mind regarding all that. He says that he can wed Shikha now and leaves from that point.

Harman asks Ajooni that what is this. Ajooni tells her that the last option gave those papers to her. Harman tells her that she gave bank papers. She asks her that how legal documents came. Ajooni tells her that she know nothing. Harman lets Aman know that she never figured Ajooni will follow through with something like this.

Aman asks Ajooni that for what good reason the last option did this. Harman says that Ajooni did this for house key. Aman gives the house key to Ajooni. She requests that Harman stop the separation. Ajooni requests that Aman trust her. She says that they can battle in the court. Aman hollers at her and requests that she leave. Ajooni leaves the room.

Harvinder is going to take off from the house. However, Ajooni stops him. She asks him that for what reason he did this. He acknowledges that he is behind this. He tells her that nobody will trust her and leaves from that point.

Aman ponders that why Ajooni did this. Harman incites her against Ajooni. She advises her to remain as malkin. She requests that she seek retribution on Ajooni by remaining in this house. She advises her that Ravinder allowed to her to remain in the house after Harvinder and Shikha’s marriage as well. Aman tells her that she will get back at Ajooni.

Rajveer tells the issue to his companions. His companion says that everything occurring because of Master Maharaj. Rajveer concurs with him. They chooses to figure out reality utilizing Dad. Then again, Dad lets Bebe know that party meeting going to occur in Bagga house.

Bebe requests that Aman cook food. Aman provides requests to Ajooni and Chamko. Afterward, Ravinder prevents his visitors from eating. He sends them to cultivate house to eat non-veg. He asks Ajooni and Aman that who cooked.

Precap – Dad tells Master Maharaj’s words to Rajveer. Aman slaps Ajooni.

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