Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 31st October 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pihu and Priya coming to subtly Smash. Priya is spruced up as Tarun. Priya and Pihu inact like Tarun and Slam. Smash grins at them and says you folks might have come from front entryway also. Priya says in the event that we could have, how might that be a shock? As this is our experience.

Pihu says I am so blissful seeing you both together. Priya says you did great Pihu in making us meet up. Smash says we are glad for you. They have a good time when they hear thunder commotions so they go to the overhang and play in the downpour. Slam, Priya and Pihu have a pad battle as well. They snicker and hang out.

Pihu rests so Slam and Priya cover her with covers and sit on the couch. Slam expresses gratitude toward Priya for everything. Priya says I’m sorry you are going through a great deal. Slam says all that will get fine tomorrow, my family doesn’t needs cash, after tomorrow all that will improve. Priya thinks I so wish that was valid. Priya puts haldi on Smash saying it’s your haldi. Slam additionally puts on Priya.

Priya says Meera will do it tomorrow. Smash puts haldi from his cheek on her. They recollect all their previous minutes together. They come close. Slam says I maintain that this second should get locked everlastingly in my heart. Priya says just I reserve the option to remain in your heart, no other person. Smash says I truly like it when you get possesive like this. They embrace.

Unexpectedly because of tempest clamors, Pihu begins calling for Priya. Smash says I will drop you and Pihu. Priya says we will go with driver, you accept rest as tomorrow is a significant day. Smash says thank you for coming here. Priya says thank you for picking us. Smash says family is definitely not a decision however it generally holds us together. Nandini and Shubham hear this and think Smash has chosen to toss them out of the house. Slam says this will be the best experience for Pihu.

Following day, Slam remembers to remember Nandini and Shubham for their wedding and afterward he will shock them with property. Smash gets some information about Nandini. Tarun says Nandini and Shubham went to farmhouse, they requested that I illuminate you that they won’t return till the time they don’t get the cash.

Slam attempts to call them yet it’s turned off. Slam messages Nandini for considering one wish for him to come to the sanctuary. Smash figures the reason why did mother do this? I will choose my family, Priya and Pihu which are my most prominent riches and I need to give mother all the abundance. All at once Adi and Brinda come to Smash amped up for marriage. They see Smash miserable and get to be aware of Nandini. Brinda says they ought to grasp about your exceptional day.

Slam says I’m blissful as it’s our marriage day and afterward I will persuade Nandini. Brinda says by giving them cash? I don’t have the foggiest idea about how you are alright with this. Smash says my most noteworthy abundance is Pihu and Priya, yet Nandini actually faults Priya for Shivi’s demise. Slam then, at that point, jokes that Adi is his main companion left presently so will he love Smash? Adi says for eternity.

Here, Sandy and Sara battle about the lehenga variety. Priya shocks them all expression she will wear a planner lehenga. Meera says wow I’m stunned to realize your this side. Priya thinks I realize Nandini will effectively annoyed so I need to keep Smash cheerful around then.

Afterward, Brinda comes to show architect lehenga choices. Brinda asks Priya how are you alright with Smash giving the property to Nandini? Priya says we need to turn into a family and property isn’t significant as far as we’re concerned. Brinda then shows Sara the choices. Krish likewise comes there.

Priya takes him outside and gets some information about the doll house. Krish says it was nothing significant, yet somebody put a few saltines and broke the wires of the lights. Priya thinks it was so hazardous to do as such. Krish then, at that point, gets some information about her affections for him as he ought to know the amount she feels for him. Priya says OK you are correct. Afterward, Priya figures this time I won’t uphold Nandini by letting her go, I will uncover her as she attempted to hurt Pihu and Smash, my loved ones.

Precap – Smash and everybody are holding up kn the sanctuary. Nandini give Smash a letter by Pihu saying they won’t come. Slam sees the saltine sign and thinks Pihu is in harm’s way so he leaves.

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