Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th April 2022 written update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 29th April 2022 written update on

Episode begins with Sakeena examine that they ought to go to meet Mirza and Mishra. Shanti denies expressing its time limitation outside and I would rather not get found out by Leopard and police. Inam says they are with UP police. Shanti says Ramesh is terrified and Sakeena concurs it is additionally frightened to state Zafar. Sakeena says mine chalorstroal is ascending in pressure, what would it be a good idea for me I tell NoorAmmi. Inam says I told her.

Shanti shares with Sakeena is fortunate as her relatives are at home, however Masterji and Ramesh both are out, I don’t have men support. Inam says Adi and Guddu are here, they will feel terrible. Shanti says I mean senior individuals. Inam goes to watch match. Shanti requests that Sakeena converse with NoorAmmi. Sakeena says Curfew is outside, yet goes when Shanti shows her eyes out of frustration.

In market Ramesh requests that everybody show me dhoti, as Shanti let him know that Masterji went out. Bittu says its 100 percent Masterji Dhoti, expressing Leopard took Masterji. Ramesh chides him requesting to show Dhoti.

At the point when he sees he cries that dhoti has a place with Masterji, as he left us. Majnu, BBC, Koode, Ashiq, Zafar attempts to support Ramesh as he cries alot. Ramesh says I was little, when he raised him with trouble. Policr chastens everybody expressing about check in time and their refuges.

Bittu and Pappu takes off from hostage of police. At the point when police understands this they goes behind them to get. Koode tells BBC gives up down, as police went. BBC says you are here terrified by police or panther?

At haveli, Shanti and Sakeena shuts all entryways and windows appropriately. Sakeena says I am pressure, don’t have the foggiest idea why police calling us over and over. Noor Ammi says let them stay in guardianship, they are protected with police.
Guddu, Poja comes crying. Inam illuminates that we saw news that panther got 2 men. Shanti consoles them.

NoorAmmi believes that panther can’t take 2 men. Sakeena says they gave their hands. Adi says the two of them will be frantic people. Noor gets some information about their name? Inam says name isn’t referred to, yet they portrays them as Ramesh and Zafar. Shanti, Sakeena cries also. Noor Ammi says don’t really accept that news channel. They will be fine. Shanti and Sakeena concurs, however Guddu Puja cries.

At market Ramesh cries inside shop pondering Masterji. Ramesh chooses to look for him, whatever occurs. Majnu says I will accompany you too, however Ramesh denies expressing I won’t let take you chance, and solicitation him to care for family and take my shop.
Everybody gets ready, when they see Rames going out. Panther approaches (showing shadow). Ramesh cautions everybody be ready everybody. Ramesh gets mental fortitude and says I will not get panicked. He states further I want to go to look my dad, and you go to wilderness.

Zafar says that he has gone Mad, as he is conversing with panther, he will pass on without a doubt.

Ramesh admonishes panther at last, and it goes. Everybody comes out relexing that panther disappeared. Everybody prasies Ramesh for his courage. Koode says you are generally scared infront of Shanti, yet you showed great mental fortitude. Zafar says I will enlighten this regarding your boldness to youngsters. Ramesh says I want to search for mAsterji.

At Haveli Bittu and Pappu says we were running by saving our lives from police, so we take cover behind hedges and tracked down Masterji. Everybody consoles Mishra family. Bittu-Pappu says to maintain separation. Masterji get conciousness, and calls for Babu, expressing Leoprad. Ramesh asks he is fine? Masterji says only one out of every odd Bittu-Pappu is theif, very much like panther is perilous. Ramesh gets some information about blood? He says I got injured in the wake of falling. Everybody hears panther voice, masterji goes behind it. Stunning to everybody.

Precap:- Mirza family and Ashiq observe Ramzan/eid. Sakeena tells Shanti that Zafar loves her such a lot of that he can carry moon to me. Shanti requests that she show me. Sakeena requests that Zafar bring moon for her any other way she will leave him. Mishra family chuckles.

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