Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th April 2022 written update:

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 28th April 2022 written update on

Episode begins with Ramh’s call getting cut. He takes Majnu telephone to call, yet get to realize that his equilibrium is end. Majnu says Validity finished, and I don’t get compensation on time too. Ramesh beats Majnu for his way of behaving. Majnu requests that he quiet as panther is near.

Everybody hears panther sound, Zafar and Ashiq getting terrified. Ashiq insults Zafar, however Zafar requests that he keep quiet, as its too hot inside shop and getting bothered because of you also. Ashiq watches Abay season 3, Zafar and Ashiq advances it.

The two of them battle who will observe first, and breaking Ashiq telephone. Ashiq cries.

Sakeena callsZafar, however his telephone continue to ring, the two of them understand that zafar telephone is out. He requests that Ashiq bring it, yet he denies expressing its god will. Zafar says I will bring new telephone, if it’s not too much trouble, bring mine, however Ashiq denies.
Sakeena and Inam gets into strain. Inam requests that she call Bittu.

Pappu sings tunes, which inconveniences everybody. Monitor asks Bittu who problematic more Leopard aur Pappu. Bittu says men is more irksome, as Leopard kills in one go, however men kills on day to day, week after week or month to month premise.
Pappu says everybody beat bittu for his theatrics, yet he actually inconvenience everybody.

Bittu-Pappu battle. Bittu gets call, constable takes out and give it to reviewer. Overseer enquires about Sakeena, so he illuminates that She is spouse of Mirza, and think about us as sibling. Monitor takes callinforming that Bittu is in our care.
Sakeena cuts call, illuminating Inam that might be Mirza is in care.

Monitor inquires as to why she called you? Bittu says she enjoys me. Controller chides him that you are excessively old.

Inside shops Zafar, Ashiq, Majnu, And Ramesh talks and clears their disparities and they grin.

Dr. Koode and BBC examine that Leopard can hop on tree. Koode says yet we are here, and panther isn’t arround. BBC concurs that panther would have took us. They hear sound. Koode inquires as to for what reason is his reasoning like that? BBC says becoz he isn’t on street. They get frightened and see above tree, however doesn’t blades it.

Koode says I will wed first after panther dramatization. BBC says and I will wed that young lady’s more youthful sister.

Ramesh, Majnu calls Ashiq Zafar inside shop, zafar says might be we are protected. Investigator goes out to have tea. Investigator asks zafar to make tea. Zafar requests that Ashiq make tea. Koode asks BBC gives up to have tea, BBC quiet him. Auditor says Sakeena approached Bittu’s telephone. Zafar says I left my telephone outside, monitor gives him broken telephone and his telephone to call sakeena. Bittu and Pappu attempts to run.

Zafar illuminates controller that sakeena didn’t picked, illuminate her assuming she calls again that I am protected.

Constable accompanies dhoti stained with blood, that they tracked down it close to Shamshan street. Zafar says it very well may be of Ramesh”s father as he goes consistently there. Ramesh gets ready.

Precap:- Ramesh cries expressing I will go to track down Masterji. He goes and panther assaults him (by showdow it lools that man is doing this)

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