Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th April 2022 Written Update:

Aggar Tum Na Hote 29th April 2022 Written Update,written episode on

Episode starts with Manorama lets Abhimanyu know that she ought to have done this six years back when she got to realize that Angad abducted Nitya. She adds that she became visually impaired in Angad’s adoration and demolished Abhimanyu’s life. She tells him that she fouled up with him. He tells her that he won’t allow anything to happen to her. He requests that Police auditor capture him saying that he killed Angad. She requests that he not recurrent his mix-up. She says that Niyati and Nitya has freedoms on Abhimanyu’s affection.

She lets him know that she got back to give his freedoms to him. She gives the property papers to him. She lets Niyati know that she don’t merit her absolution. She favors her and Nitya. She lets Gajendra know that she destroyed her life for retribution and apologizes to him. She is sorry to others moreover. Abhimanyu tells her that he can’t survive without her. She requests that he live with Niyati and Nitya. Police takes Manorama from that point. Abhimanyu follows them.

Slam lets Niyati know that they ought to leave now. Gajendra asks Ram that for what valid reason the last option acting like this when the fact of the matter is out. Nitya lets Ram know that this is additionally her home as it were. Amma requests that Ram not take Nitya and Niyati from that point. Slam requests that Niyati conclude what she needs now. She lets him know that she and Abhimanyu are not made for one another. She adds that she need to get back to Mumbai alongside Nitya. Nitya advises her that she would rather not go anyplace. Niyati takes her from that point.

Sulochna lets Ram know that God rejoined Nitya and Niyati. Smash tells her that it will not be simple for Niyati to fail to remember that what Abhimanyu did. She lets him know that Nitya merits her folks love. In the interim, Gajendra illuminates Abhimanyu that Niyati chose to leave for Mumbai alongside Nitya. Amma requests that Abhimanyu stop Niyati.

Nitya lets Niyati know that she will stay put. Niyati lets Nitya know that in the event that the last option need to live with Abhimanyu, she can live. Nitya tells her that she won’t leave her and embraces her. They hears mouthorgan sound and emerges from the room. Abhimanyu tells them that they can’t leave without rebuffing him. Smash inquires as to whether he needs discipline then. Abhimanyu lets him know that Niyati ought to remain with him to rebuff him. Nitya requests that Niyati listen Abhimanyu. Niyati says that he can’t joke like this. He tells her that he turned into a joke. He adds that they are standing like this as a result of their kismat association.

Niyati takes Abhimanyu to a room and lets him know that they can’t live respectively. He argues her to not leave him. He requests that she allow a single opportunity to him. He adds that he can’t survive without her and Nitya. She requests that he not stop her. She takes the gear and leaves from that point. Afterward, Abhimanyu gets back to Pandey house. Niyati comes there and says that she was unable to leave. She lets him know that she excused him and it’s a fresh start for them. Nitya says that she won’t allow them to isolate once more.

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