Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th September 2021 Episode starts with Nandini talking to Vipul. He disconnects. He says thank God, Nandini doesn’t know my other name. The man says Kishor messaged and said he will meet Toral at the institute. Nandini calms down Toral. Darsh and Nandini ask how is this family, they don’t care for Toral. The man says I will take Toral with me. Nandini says no, I will not leave her here.

The man says talk to her relative, I will call, you can talk to them and take permission. He calls. Vipul disconnects. Nandini says we know how much they care for Toral, I won’t let Toral go anywhere until they come to meet us. The man says fine, I will go now. He gives the tiffin and goes. Rajvi and Vipul come.

Darsh tells about the manager, Toral was there since 27 years, her family doesn’t care for her. Vipul says we have to send her to some institute. Rajvi says no need, Toral would have run from there, because she wasn’t treated well, Vipul is making new arrangements. Nandini says we should meet her family once. Darsh says they will come some day.

Toral gets a kalash and hits Jinal. Rajvi asks her to return it. Toral gets hurt. Darsh and Nandini come. Toral cries. She takes the kalash and says its mine. Nandini says its our family kalash. Toral says come with me. Rajvi says Toral will recollect old things if she stays here. Charmy hears Rajvi’s words. She calls Mrs. Patel to update. Nandini makes Toral ready and says you look beautiful. Toral hugs her. Darsh comes.

Darsh recalls convincing Nandini to send Toral to the mental hospital, she will get right treatment there. Nandini asks Toral to come with her. Toral says I don’t want to go with them, Nandini you come with me. Nandini cries and says I will come to meet you. Toral leaves. Nandini cries and hugs Darsh. Darsh thinks I m so lucky, Nandini is a good person along with being a good bahu, good wife and good sister, don’t know why Lord isn’t giving her happiness of becoming a mother. Darsh talks to Vini.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update

Nandini comes and smiles seeing them. She gets emotional. She cries and goes. Charmy asks Shobit do you worry for me or not. She sees Darsh there and goes. Darsh asks all okay between you and Charmy. Shobit says no, she changed a lot, I think she likes someone, or maybe I m thinking a lot, she is helpless to stay here. Darsh says we have gone through a lot, bad times change people a bit, don’t stay sad, smile, I will talk to her.

Nandini checks the tiffin. She gets the baby’s birth band. Darsh comes and says we have to go to Toral’s mental health institute, they called and said she got much violent, she is taking your name. The hospital staff gets Toral back home. Doctor says sorry, she just wants to stay with Nandini, she wasn’t listening to anyone. Toral says I don’t want to go with them, I want to stay here. Charmy says I think she got attached with Nandini, she will get fine if she stays around Nandini, she should stay here. Nandini says she will stay here until we find her family. Darsh nods. Charmy thinks what will happen of Rajvi, the truth will come out. Darsh thanks the doctor for bringing Toral home.

Rajvi says you didn’t take my permission. Nandini says you know Toral stays calm around me. Rajvi gets angry. Her hand gets hurt. She shouts on Nandini. Jinal comes and says Toral…Rajvi asks what did she do now. Toral sees the baby’s birth band and cries. Everyone comes. Nandini says its the tag which is tied to new born babies’ wrist, I got this band from the tiffin, maybe she is missing her child and crying,

maybe someone has snatched her child. Shobit says don’t cry, I m like your son. Darsh says even I m there, you have two sons, why are you crying. Rajvi and Vipul get shocked. Nandini thinks Rajvi is also feeling bad seeing Toral’s state, but why did she get angry on me when I said we will keep Toral home, why does she want to send Toral away.

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