Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th September 2021 Episode starts with Pritam catching the bangles and keeping them back on the table. He hides from Amrita. He falls down. Amrita wakes up. She doesn’t see him. She sees Karan’s pic. She says I was dreaming about you, some sound broke my sleep. Pritam looks on. Amrita says I didn’t my mehendi to you, have a look, its lovely. She asks will you come tomorrow,

its our godh-bharai, you should have been there with us, it was a moment for us, I will sleep now, I have to complete the incomplete dream which had you. She finds the window open. Pritam hides. Amrita says godh bharai will happen there, surely come. She goes to sleep.

Pritam goes upstairs. He thinks of Amrita’s words. He gets Nitin’s call. Nitin asks did you get the bag. Pritam says no, I just saw it, I couldn’t take it. Nitin says Rathi’s men are keeping an eye on us, leave from there. Pritam asks that bag, you know what can happen. Nitin says your life is in risk. Pritam says their lives are also in risk, they are good people. Nitin says save your life. Pritam says they lost their young son,

Amrita is waiting to give birth to her baby, they have seen much tragedy, some happiness is coming in their lives, I won’t let it shatter, I m saying this, I won’t let this family shatter, Karan was a covid warrior, he gave his life while saving others, Amrita is hiding her tears and smiling every day for the family’s sake, I understand this pain because I also lost. Nitin says understood, we will not go without you, tell me what’s the order. Its morning, Baljeet asks Guneet why did you invite KK, why, he insulted you. Kuljeet says its fine if they come, they will bless Amrita. Baljeet says I will insult them if they come. Amrita says you won’t do this, its my godh bharai, I will decide. Baljeet asks for tea.

Pritam wakes up by loud music. He goes to see. Kabir and Angad play songs and dance. Kabir says no, Karan isn’t here, she will get sad, this song isn’t right. He sees Pritam. He goes and asks Pritam to tell which song will be right. Angad says we will dance on an old song. Kabir says its Amrita’s godh bharai, Meera is coming, she will get impressed seeing your dance. Pritam says its not about Meera and Angad, its about Amrita, its her day, you want her to stay happy, do some act to make her smile.

Angad says yes, we want to see her happy, do something unique for her, she scolded me a lot, she is a strong lady. Angad asks what shall we do. Pritam smiles. He dances and shows them. They laugh. Pritam asks them to practice. They see Guneet shouting on some workers. Angad asks what happened. Guneet says KK had shown his money once again. Nimmo says KK thinks we can’t feed people on our own, so he has sent these catering people. Baljeet says its so shameful. Pritam looks on.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th -Sep-2021 Written Episode Update

Guneet says KK didn’t even tell us. Nimmo asks are we beggars. Baljeet says sorry, you have made this status yourself, KK knows that he will kick you and you will get back to him. Kuljeet says everyone wants all relatives to come in a function. Amrita asks Pammi and Baljeet to get quiet. She asks Guneet not to get angry, maybe KK is doing this for his happiness. Angad asks will he insult us for his happiness, he should have spoke to dad. Kabir says don’t get angry, call KK and clear the matter.

Krishnakant practices dance at home. Apa asks what’s happening. He says I m rehearsing dance with Dada ji. He asks everyone to get ready and come fast. He gets Guneet’s call. Meera comes and hears the talk. Guneet asks why did you cancel our halwa and send your caterer. KK says caterer will make great food, I have fixed everything, don’t worry, I will make the payment. Guneet shouts stop your nonsense, you have shown your status to us once again.

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