Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th September 2021 Ashwini brings dinner for Sai and seeing her sad asks why she has tears in her eyes. Sai wipes her tears and says nothing. Ashwini feeds her food. Sai feeds her back emotionally. Ashwini asks why she looks tensed now a days, even Samrat was asking if Sai has study stress, she knows she is stressed due to the rift between her and Virat. Sai nods yes.

Ashwini asks why didn’t she complain her when her Godu is troubling her, she will punish him. Sai says maybe Virat is tired of her and hence fights with her often. Ashwini says even Ninad misbehaves with her often and Virat doesn’t like it, but he is following his father’s path unknowingly.

Sai asks her not to worry as he won’t be able to fight with her tomorrow and tomorrow will bring a new ray of hope. Ashwini says tomorrow is Bappa’s pooja, but if she has a surprise plan. Sai thinks Ashwini will be affected most once she leaves this house. Ashwini hugs her emotionally and pampers her.

Virat asks Devi when she thinks Sai is always right, why did she come here. Devi asks how can he speak to her rudely, Pulkit controls her whenever she is tensed as he is her husband, Virat is Sai’s husband and should control her when she is in pain, but she doesn’t think it affects him. He asks if it affects sai, does she care for him;

Devi knows when Sai doesn’t want to stay here, she will not; he reminds her of her wedding when Sai went against whole family and eloped her. Devi says Sai got her and Pulkit married against family, even Virat came to stop her marriage. Virat says she is mistaking is words, he is tired and will not plead Sai to stay back. Devi says she will never speak to her if he badmouths about Sai.

Pakhi asks why is she supporting Sai instead of her brother. Sai asks why is she interfering between her and her brother and tells Virat that he is listening to Pakhi more now. Virat says he is not. Devi says its better to go from here and help Sai. Pakhi provokes Virat that Sai sent Devi to pressurize him and will not go anywhere. Devi asks how can she speak so ill about Sai, she is bad. Virat doesn’t confront Pakhi and scolds Devi that she cannot speak rudely with Pakhi when she is speaking to him,

Pakhi is Samrat’s wife. Devi says Sai is his wife and she will not tolerate if anyone, especially dirty Pakhi, speaks ill about Sai. Pakhi asks why is she interfering in Chavan family issues. Sai says she is from Chavan family. Pakhi says she forgot that she is married not a Chavan anymore (forgetting even Samrat is not a Chavan). Virat instead of confronting her shouts at Devi that she doesn’t know what Sai does. Devi says Virat has changed and she will inform Samrat. Once she leaves, Virat blames Sai for hurting Devi. Pakhi thinks this is just a beginning, Virat will realize how wrong Sai is.

Sai walks to Shivani’s room while she is busy flirting and asks her to be herself and never change for everyone. Shivani someone says this when they go away and asks her to select a sari for her. Sai selects one. Shivani says her choice is good and asks her to be careless as usual and don’t change for anyone.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update

Sai hugs her emotionally and cries. Pakhi returns to her room. Samrat asks where had she been. She says to meet Devi. He asks if she went to draw rangoli with Devi. She hopes so. He says he is wearing blue kurta, so she should wear blue sari to color coordinate with him. She says all women are wearing pink tomorrow and thinks she convinced everyone to wear pink as its Virat’s favorite color.

She then says they can visit Mahabaleshwar for a weekend trip. He asks why only Mahabaleshwar. She thinks Virat took Sai there to give her surprises, even she wants to go there and make Virat realize what he lost. He asks if she wants to go there as Virat and Sai went there. She says yes as they found him there.

He asks for whom she wants to go there. She says he should ask whom she wants to go with, she wants to go with him. He says both his Chavan family and orphanage family will meet. She gets sad. He asks if she has any problem. She says wanted to go alone with him, but is fine with family trip. He asks her to check with Sai as she may have some exam. She gets angry thinking when will Sai be out of her life.

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