Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Sakhujas leaving for the puja organized at Pummy’s house. Soni and Biji stay with Amrita. Amrita thinks what her dad did. She talks to Karan’s photo and says that this is wrong, their baby should born in this house. Amrita phones Kuljeet and says that she’s not coming Ludhiana. Kuljeet says Amrita to understand the situation, their financial situation isn’t good and they refuse to take money from him.

Amrita says that money isn’t everything,
they all are sad here. Kuljeet is determined that Amrita’s delivery will happen in Ludhiana. Amrita says that she saw Nimmo crying first time. Saroj says Amrita to bring Nimmo with her. Kuljeet says that they’re doing this for her baby’s own good. Saroj says that they will take her back to her in-laws after her delivery, they don’t any rival with her in-laws.

Amrita apologize to Karen’s photo saying that all care for her and she doesn’t what to do. She hears someone knocking at the door violently and goes to check. She opens the door and asks Pritam why he’s shouting. Pritam holds Amrita’s hand. Amrita asks why he’s misbehaving with her. Pritam says tht she’s misbehaving. Pritam takes her to the Hall and makes her sit on the couch. He shouts at Amrita for following him. He says that she ruined his happiness, that woman thinks that they have an affair, now his life will be snatched away from him. He asks why she followed him. He asks all the Sakhujas to come out.

Biji and Soni come there. Biji asks Pritam what happened, why he’s shouting. Pritam asks Amrita to say. Biji scolds Pritam for talking this way with Amrita and coming home drunken. She asks him to go upstairs. Pritam demands an answer from Amrita. Pritam says that he is their tenant, why she is spying on him. Soni says that he can’t misbehave with Amrita. He asks them to make Amrita understand to stay away from him. He throws the sofa table away. Amrita gets scared. Pritam says that he tolerated her act as she’s pregnant, but not anymore.

Soni asks what Amrita did. Pritam says that she’s following him. Biji says that he’s drunken and asks to go saying they will talk afterwards as no one is at home. But Pritam keeps questioning Amrita. Amrita shouts that she hasn’t done anything and warns him to leave. Pritam kicks the couch and says that he will to everyone that Shakurabsti daughter-in-law is after him. Biji asks if he hasn’t ashamed to put such allegation on Amrita. He says to ask Amrita if she’s ashamed of following him.

Why she wants to know what he’s doing in his personal life. Soni warns to break Pritam’s head if he doesn’t leave. Pritam warns Amrita to stay away from his life. If his life gets snatched away, he will snatch all her happiness. Pritam leaves. Amrita cries. Biji goes to call Guneet while Soni goes to get water. Amrita recalls Pritam’s words She starts feeling labor pain and shouts. Biji and Soni rush to Amrita. Amrita panics and asks Biji to save her. Biji asks Soni to call the family.

Pritam is in his room and recalls Vishaka’s words. A man is talking with his men about blasting RDX in different places. He says that Pritam will get framed for this and laughs. Sathijas comes there and says to that man that he gave fake RDX shocking them. The man realises that Pritam double crossed him and decides to kill Pritam and whoever is related to him. Soni says to Biji that no one is answering the call. Amrita shouts Biji.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 25th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Pritam comes out of his room hearing Amrita’s scream. Biji tells Soni that they should take Amrita to the hospital by themselves and sends Soni to take help from the neighborhood. Amrita asks Biji to save her Karan. Soni goes to Chaubey’s house and says that Amrita got labor pain and asks to come taking his car. Chaubey says that he parked the car somewhere else and says that he will come taking it. Pritam comes to Amrita. Biji warns him to stay away. Pritam says to let him take to the hospital. Pritam lifts Amrita in his arms. Amrita slaps Pritam asking him to put her down.

Pritam forcibly takes her from there asking Biji to bring her medical file. Soni and Biji try to stop Pritam. Pritam sees a taxi and he puts Amrita in the backseat. He He says that he’s taking her to the hospital. He asks for her medical file. Soni brings it. Pritam asks Soni to sit with Amrita. He says to Biji inform the family and they drive off. Biji informs Guneet what happened.

Precap: Doctor tells Sakhujas that they to do surgery as Amrita could not push the baby. They can save any of them. Family and Pritam look shocked.

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