Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 10th October 2022:

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 10th October 2022 on

Episode starts with Preesha understands that Digvijay conversing with Saachi and she illuminates about it to Rudraksh. Rudraksh tells her that he figured Saachi will tell everything to Armaan and that occurred. He requests that she not let Saachi escape. She lets him know that she will follow Saachi. She sends her area to him. Saachi leaves in the wake of meeting Digvijay. Preesha follows Saachi. She imagines that she needs to get Saachi to uncover Armaan. She advises the driver to over take Saachi’s taxi.

She opens the entryway of Saachi’s taxi yet Saachi isn’t there. Rudraksh comes there and he gets some information about Saachi. She lets him know that Saachi was in this taxi as it were. They discovers that Saachi got off in the sign. She lets him know that they lost Saachi because of her. He tells her that she made an honest effort. He says that they didn’t lose totally on the grounds that still the specialist who assisted Armaan with eradicating Preesha’s recollections can help them. He tells her that they will not lose until they are together.

Afterward, Preesha imagines that she gave resting pills to Armaan so he won’t get up until morning. She tracks down his telephone. She actually looks at specialist’s number in contacts yet tracks down nothing and leaves from that point. She illuminates Rudraksh that she was unable to see as specialist’s number. Rudraksh tells her that they will meet tomorrow. She lets him know that she will torment Armaan with Gopal’s assistance.

Following day, Gopal brings Vijayalakshmi. He says that she is prepared massager. He lets Preesha know that hot oil back rub can fix Armaan. Preesha tells Armaan that Gopal is correct. Armaan says that it’s tormenting. Preesha shows the live broadcast to Rudraksh. That’s what gopal says in the event that it’s tormenting, Armaan turning out to be fine. Digvijay concurs with him. He requests that Armaan endure the aggravation. She passes on the room and converses with Rudraksh. He requests that she meet at Dr Gupta office. He says that Dr Gupta might assist them with finding the specialist who helped Armaan.

Then again, Pihu reviews Vidyut’s admission. She ponders that why she is getting impacted with his admission. She stays away from Raj’s calls. In the mean time, Vidyut imagines that he shouldn’t have admitted to Pihu. Raj lets him know that Pihu isn’t picking the calls. Vidyut chooses to come clean with Pihu to not tell to Raj.

Rudraksh educates Dr Gupta concerning Armaan and his PCP. Dr Gupta says that they can figure out Armaan’s primary care physician in the specialist gathering. Rudraksh gets some information about cash and orchestrate all that for specialist meeting.

Pihu deceives Raj that she was occupied that is the reason she didn’t pick his call. Raj requests that she acknowledge that she is disturbed that he didn’t go with her to the party. He tells her that yesterday he understood that he love her and he embraces her. Vidyut hears all that and leaves from that point. That’s what pihu sees. She lets Raj know that she want time to think.

In the specialist gathering, Rudraksh tells Preesha they ought to utilize Armaan to figure out that specialist. Preesha lets him know that Pihu will assist them with bringing Armaan there. Vidyut asks Pihu that for what valid reason she didn’t acknowledge Raj’s proposition. He inquires as to whether she like another person.

Precap – Pihu carries Armaan to specialist meeting. Specialist meets Armaan. Afterward, Rudraksh questions Specialist.

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