Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Armaan reminds Rudraksh that he is the proprietor of Khurana house. Rudraksh lets Armaan know that the legal authority is on Preesha’s name. He takes record from Digvijay and tears the full legal authority papers. He tauntingly inquires as to whether the last option has sufficient the means to purchase this house. He advises Khuranas to take off from the house. He cautions them to not take anything and heads inside.

Preesha packs her sarees. Yet again rudraksh lets Preesha know that he hurted her. Preesha lets him know that they are simply toys before fate. She says that she simply needed to remain with her adoration yet it’s not working out.

He says that his heart advised him to believe Preesha still he have zero faith in her. He is sorry to her. Saaransh comes there and says that he previously expressed that there is an explanation that is the reason Preesha is remaining with Armaan.

Rudraksh lets Preesha know that he don’t merit her absolution however he understood his slip-up without a doubt. Preesha lets Rudraksh know that nothing will change regardless of whether she excuses him since he is Pihu’s significant other at this point. Rudraksh illuminates her that he didn’t wed Pihu. Preesha won’t trust him.

Saaransh comes clean with her that Rudraksh is telling. Rudraksh asks Preesha that how might he wed Pihu when he love her. He uncovers that how he halted the marriage and behaved like Pihu’s better half. He lets Preesha know that he simply has a place with her. He says that they can live like blissful family.

Preesha reviews that how Pihu said that she is pregnant with Rudraksh’s youngster. Preesha sends Saaransh from that point. She lets Rudraksh know that he can’t leave Pihu on the grounds that Pihu is pregnant with his youngster. Rudraksh tells her that Pihu isn’t pregnant with his youngster.

Preesha lets him know everything which Pihu told her in the court. Rudraksh ponders that why Pihu didn’t let him know that Preesha arrived at the court to stop the marriage. He takes Preesha to Pihu. He asks Pihu that for what reason she deceived Preesha about the youngster. He requests that she admit reality.

Pihu lets Preesha know that she is pregnant with Vidyut’s youngster. Rudraksh asks Pihu that for what reason she beguiled him when he battled for her. Pihu says that she did all that to get back at Preesha. She says that she needed to hurt Preesha. She acknowledges that she fouled up by doing this.

She lets them know that their affection won and nobody can isolate them. She is sorry to them. She requests that they stay with her in Digvijay house. Digvijay comes there and lets Pihu know that he can’t take Khuranas to his home. Rudraksh says that he can assemble 10 house like this in the event that he has Preesha’s help.

Precap – Rudraksh lets his family know that it’s a fresh start and they will live like cheerful family. Opposite side, Armaan lets Pihu know that it’s not fresh start for Khuranas. Rudraksh discovers that Children are eager yet he need more cash to purchase nourishment for them.

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