Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vidhi illuminating to Bimla that she is getting late to office. She guarantees her mother to take breakfast from office and leaves. Hariprasad likewise leaves from that point to meet Kallu. Brilliant tells Bimla that she feels Vidhi acts abnormally.

The fact of the matter is Dev sir commitment was broken. Yet, Vidhi is glad for it. Bimla asks her up shut up and mulls over everything. Afterward, Hariprasad spans to office. He heard the security examining about Dev’s wrecked commitment. On the off chance that Dev wedded to Amba, he would have stucked inbetween mother and spouse.

Rishab and Ananya are examining about something similar. Vidhi comes there hearing it. Rishab asks Ananya does she thinking something was behind it? Sangeetha asks them doesn’t they by and by have some familiarity with Dev and Sathyavathi. There will be some explanation for it. Vidhi gives desserts to them. Rishab remarks that Vidhi is in her own reality. He asks her does she thinking Dev is infatuated with somebody? Vidhi going to respond to him. Dev arrives at there. Everybody welcomes him.

Dev welcomes Vidhi by and by. She stops him and offers with him that everybody realized Dev is a mindful individual. At the point when his one of the representative going to get separate. She wasn’t working as expected in sorrow. Everybody recommended him to eliminate her. Be that as it may, he didn’t eliminate hee rather he spurs her. She is the administrator in London organization now. She lets him know that everybody are thinking about him as their relatives.

She adds that Dev has individual life as well. We don’t chattering about him. Dev thanks everybody for grasping him. Sangeetha lets him know that on the off chance that somebody attempts to blather about him Vidhi won’t leave that individual. Dev pardons them to go to the call. Afterward, Abhimanyu takes Vidhi from that point and grumblings that everything happened due to her. Doesn’t she informed him that Dev consented to wed Amba. Why did he would not wed her.

Vidhi clears with him that she was taking with Dev on that day. She expressed yes to him for something different. Because of organization issue she was unable to hear Abhimanyu’s words. Abhimanyu asks him then for what valid reason didn’t she clear it about with him later? Vidhi says that he was the one called her to illuminate her that Dev consented to wed Amba. She thought he expressed yes to wed her without a doubt. Abhimanyu tells her it appears he midunderstood him.

He is the justification for everything. Vidhi lets him know that he could do without Amba to wed her. He imagines that Dev forfeited manythings for relatives bliss. Afterward, Yogesh objections to Kanika that Arjun messaged to him. He Adds that he stresses over Dev then them. Kanika attempts to reach him yet it’s not reachable. She believes that something is annoying him.

Afterward, Priya imparts to Abhimanyu that Amba would have confronted numerous Embarrassment. Sathyavathi requests that Abhimanyu call Chithra. She goes to the call and illuminates him that she would rather not reach them any longer.

She needs to cut every one of her binds with them. Afterward, Vidhi meets Dev and examine about the wrecked commitment. Vickram gets back to home and attacks Chithra for Raichand’s relatives act. He requests her to cut every one of her binds with them.

Dev expresses gratitude toward Vidhi for understanding him well. In the interim, Chithra apologize to Amba sake of her relatives. Sathyavathi asks her what she did? Chithra grumblings that Sathyavathi she trespassed to Chithra. Sathyavathi attacks Chithra for raising her voice against her.

Amba says that she saw her genuine face before everybody. Sathyavathi tells her that anything she did was correct. She will not be content with Dev Raichand. She adds that she will not hear Sathyavathi’s clarification. Dev isn’t a youngster. She was trusting that 20 years will get hitched to him.

Precap; Vidhi will get back cheerfully. Bimla will address Vidhi why she acting odd when Dev commitment broken. Afterward, Sathyavathi will objection to Dev that Amba is harmful.

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