Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ruhi shouts seeing her hair. Saaransh asks her that who trim her hair. She lets him know that Armaan would have done this and she won’t extra Armaan.

She goes to Armaan and beat him up. Preesha hauls her and asks her that what has been going on with her hair. Ruhi faults Armaan. Preesha protects Armaan. Saaransh turns Armaan’s hand and requests that he come clean. Armaan concurs that he trim Ruhi’s hair in light of the fact that Ruhi isolated him from Preesha.

Rudraksh says that Armaan didn’t change. He cautions him to not go close to Ruhi. Preesha lets him know that Armaan is a youngster. She lets Armaan know that he fouled up so he ought to apologize to Ruhi. Armaan apologize to Ruhi. Ruhi lets him know that she don’t his statement of regret. Preesha tells her that she will take her to salon. Ruhi tells her that she will not go with her and heads inside. Pihu remembers to utilize Armaan.

After some time, Ruhi hauls Armaan from Preesha’s lap. She sits on Preesha’s lap and embraces her. She tells her that she is frightened so she need to lay down with her. Preesha tells her that she can’t leave Armaan. Ruhi requests that she carry Armaan with her. They goes to Ruhi’s room. Preesha lays down with Ruhi.

Armaan gets miserable seeing that. He comprehends that Ruhi acted to isolate Preesha from him. He attempts to awaken Preesha. Ruhi requests that he leave from that point. He leaves the room. Pihu asks Armaan that what occurred. Armaan whines about Ruhi to Pihu. Pihu feels that this is the right opportunity. She lets him know that she will assist him with getting back at Ruhi. He tells her that she is generally excellent.

Following day, Armaan gives chocolate milkshake to Ruhi. He tells her that he won’t battle with her from here onward. Ruhi inquires as to whether this is his new arrangement to inconvenience her. He says that Preesha gets miserable when he battles with Ruhi and he would rather not see Preesha miserable.

He adds that they ought to become companions for the good of Preesha. She drinks it. He feels that this is well conceived plan of Pihu. He reviews that how Pihu blended something in the milkshake. She nods off. He feels that now Preesha will lay down with him.

Preesha makes sure that Ruhi rested as of now. She requests that Saaransh call her in the event that he want anything. Saaransh contemplates whether Ruhi is fine. Following day, Ruhi awakens. She sees Armaan resting on Preesha’s lap. She cries and hurries to her room.

Saaransh tells her beginning and end. Afterward, Armaan gives milkshake to Ruhi. He believes that he made her companion for his advantage. She behaves like resting. He leaves from that point. She says that she realize Armaan blended something in the milkshake so she didn’t drink it.

Precap – Armaan contacts Preesha when she was resting. Ruhi records it and she shows it to Saaransh. They comprehends that Armaan is behaving like a youngster and plans to uncover Armaan.

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