Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Revati lets Rakesh know that she is capturing him for killing Dev. Police captures Rakesh and takes him from that point. Revati leaves from that point without saying anything. after 3 days, Preesha lets Revati know that such a lot of occurred in her life. She adds that first Dev kicked the bucket and presently Judge gave condemned to death decision to Rakesh. Revati says that it’s a little discipline for what Rakesh did. She adds that main she knows that how she prevented herself from killing Rakesh.

Rudraksh requests that she handle herself and continue on in her existence with Alia. He adds that it probably impacted Alia to such an extent. Revati lets him know that she sent Alia to her grandparents house. She says that she is distant from everyone else now. Preesha tells her that they are with her and embraces her.

Afterward, Rudraksh gets some information about meetings. Saaransh lets him know that he is turning out to be strong than previously. Rudraksh embraces him. Ruhi goes along with them. Then, at that point, Preesha and Sharda goes along with them. In the interim, Revati converses with Dev’s image. She cries saying that she is feeling forlorn so she will come to him. She slits her wrist.

Ruhi and Saaransh says that they needs frozen yogurt. Rudraksh consents to take them out. He discovers that Revati ended it all. He requests that Sharda take kids out. He and Preesha arrives at the emergency clinic. Specialist lets them know that Revati is in misery that is the reason she took this choice. He adds that Revati discussed them prior to going to oblivious express, that is the reason he reached them. Revati awakens and says that she has such countless recollections in her home and she feels choked to reside there now. She adds that she would rather not live alone.

Preesha requests that she stay in the Khurana manor with them. She advises Doctor to get ready for Revati’s release. Preesha and Rudraksh goes out to converse with Nurse about Revati’s drugs. Specialist requests that Revati be cautious if not Preesha might get to be familiar with their untruth. He requests that she not fail to remember that Preesha is a Doctor as well. She lets him know that Khuranas have no clue about that how she will manage them by remaining with them in Khurana manor.

Rudraksh and Preesha shows a space to Revati. Revati expresses gratitude toward them. She says that she would rather not become a weight for them. Preesha requests that she remain silent and leaves from that point. Revati believes that she will destroy Khuranas for demolishing her loved ones.

Ruhi finds out about Rudraksh and Preesha’s marriage commemoration from Sharda. She goes to her folks room and lets them know that they ought to wed again on their marriage commemoration day. Preesha concurs yet Rudraksh rejects. Ruhi leaves from that point indignantly. Rudraksh lets Preesha know that she can lie yet not him. Revati hears their discussion.

Revati orders a cake for Preesha and presents like Rudraksh did it for Preesha. She lets them know that she did it for Ruhi’s bliss. She adds that she heard their discussion about remarriage. She persuades Rudraksh for remarriage. Rudraksh declares that he will remarry Preesha. Ruhi gets cheerful and embraces him. Revati believes that she will grab everything from Preesha.

Precap – Revati gathers data about Preesha’s loved ones. Rudraksh chooses Preesha’s commitment outfit. Revati plans to accomplish something on commitment day.

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