Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2022 Written Update:

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gehna lets Surya know that Urmila is his genuine mother. He asks her that for what good reason she is beginning this rubbish once more. She lets him know that Suhani isn’t his genuine mother. He requests that she stop it and not an express word against Suhani. He tells her that how might she say this when all is well among her and Suhani now. She lets him know that Suhani getting him far from his genuine mother for her own advantages. Suhani argues her to make an effort not to make false impressions between a mother and a child. She adds that she is certain that Surya will have a hard time believing this.

Surya asks Suhani that for what reason her name isn’t in the mother’s name section in his introduction to the world declaration. He inquires as to whether he was carrying on with a phony life till now. Suhani is going to guarantee on Surya. Be that as it may, Dadi stops her and requests that she guarantee on Sarika. Sarika advises Suhani that she need to live and requests that she not make counterfeit guarantee. Surya inquires as to whether Sarika additionally realizes that he isn’t Suhani’s child. He adds that it seems to be everybody realizes reality aside from him. Suhani lets him know that she isn’t his genuine mother. He tells her that he carried on with a phony life till now and cries. She lets him know that she need to converse with him alone for two minutes. Gehna requests that he not listen Suhani. Suhani lets Surya know that she simply needs two minutes of his life. He consents to converse with her. He takes Suhani higher up.

Gehna calls Urmila and tells her that the last option will rejoin with Surya soon. She adds that now Surya knows reality and requests that Urmila come inside. Sarika grabs the portable from Gehna and breaks it. She says that Gehna destroyed everything. She adds that Suhani is above Urmila for Surya. Gehna tells her that Suhani’s goals are off-base and moves from that point. She requests that God show the correct way to Surya and backing him.

Surya comes down the stairs with bag. Urmila goes into the house. Surya lets Gehna know that he can comprehend that she uncovered reality since she thinks often about him yet nobody ought to discuss it from here onward. He requests that she fail to remember all that and allow him to forget as well. He adds that he need to live as Suhani’s child as it were. She lets him know that Suhani’s goals are off-base so they can’t fail to remember anything. She adds that Suhani generally controlled Surya for the wellbeing of Sikandar. She says that she can’t live with Suhani. She requests that he pick either her and Suhani.

He shows his life as a youngster things which Suhani kept with her till now. He says that he is picking Suhani. He cut off all binds with Gehna. He says that he will separate from Gehna which shocks everybody including Urmila. He educates her that she didn’t mind concerning his feelings and uncovered that he is ill-conceived child. Suhani says that she will take off from the house and requests that Surya not separate from Gehna. Surya says that Gehna needs to take off from the house not Suhani.

Precap – Gehna advises Surya that she believes an opportunity should demonstrate her cases. She lets God know that she will battle for her adoration and truth.

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