Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Woh Toh Hai Albela 1st July 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Saroj strolls to Kanha and Nakul’s room and seeing Nakul recording dozing Kanha’s room asks what’s going on here. Kanha awakens and asks Nakul how did he respond. Nakul fears that Saroj heard Kanha’s admission for Sayuri.

Saroj requests that Nakul quit irritating Kanha as he is drained in the wake of going through entire night in wilderness. Kanha says he is acclimated to Nakul’s hassling and requests that she let Nakul be the most youthful individual from the family and do mischieves.

Saroj asks god to give an inner voice to his youngsters. The two of them ask god to give a harmony to their mom. She grins and leaves. Nakul says Kanha is returning to his ordinary albela conduct later

Sayuri takes a gander at Kanha’s video blogs in his camera and grins. She thinks he forfeited his fantasies for herself and family and subsequently she ought to help her companion and demand him to seek after his fantasy. On the opposite side,

Priya illuminates her family that she is chosen for her hockey preparing. Rashmi illuminates that she really wants 40000 rs for the preparation. Indu requests that she join next choice group as they can’t manage the cost of it this time.

Sayuri keeps Kanha’s vlogging things in a container securely and afterward in a cabinet and thinks she wants to satisfy her companion and her fantasy together. She reviews Kanha’s desire to return her once again to work from Monday and Saroj’s resistance and thinks she really wants to help even her family monetarily, yet how might she do that.

Priya argues Indu to let her join the preparation as she is chosen after much trouble. Indu says she doesn’t have cash. Priya requests that she acquire from Sayuri. Sayuri gets into a situation and believes in the event that she ought to join the work or not as she really wants cash to help her loved ones.

Priya keeps contending that Indu acknowledged cash from Kanha. Indu says she can’t regularly practice it. Priya says its her need and contends with Indu. Bhanu and Rashmi attempt to quiet her down. Priya says she needs to ask for everything and all her fundamental necessities are disregarded. Indu begins crying inclination powerless. Bhanu solaces her.

Kanha strolls to Sayuri’s room. He slips and falls on bed with Sayuri. Their eyes lock. Sparkling in the sea. tune.. plays behind the scenes.

Sayuri gets into her faculties and says Kanha is extremely weighty. He is sorry and afterward assists her with preparing for school. She says Saroj will blow up. He says he will deal with Saroj and urges her to make a beeline for the school similar to her fantasy and future.

Precap :Kanha drops Sayuri to school and kisses her temple wanting her to enjoy all that life has to offer. Kusum tells Saroj that Kanha and Sayuri are experiencing passionate feelings for. Saroj yells that she really wants to stop them.

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