Harphoul Mohini 1st July 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Shalini lets her significant other know that Saroj certainly concealing something from them. She picks Vijayan’s call which shocks Saroj. She says that Vijayan requested that they arrive at the marriage scene on time. Saroj gets cheerful hearing her. Then again, Mohini reviews that how Harphoul responded in thugs occurrence. Mohini’s sister lets Mohini know that the last’s mehndi configuration got demolished. Mohini says that everybody issue has an answer and she adds new plan to make her mehndi look great. Mohini’s sisters says that it’s looking lovely. One of the sister composes Harphoul’s name on Mohini’s hand and she says that now it looks great.

Harphoul takes Maai’s favors. Maai makes him wear his dad’s ‘kalgi’. They leaves for the marriage scene. In the mean time, Shyamala requests that Vijayan look ordinary. She says that everything working out in a good way. She requests that he trust Mohini in light of the fact that their little girl can deal with everything. Harphoul’s family comes there. Shyamala and Vijayan invites them. Vijayan washes Harphoul’s feet with milk. Maai gets some information about Mohini in light of the fact that she will deal with Mohini like her girl. She expresses gratitude toward God for satisfying her fantasy. Both of the familes moves to commend their satisfaction. Mohini’s sisters hauls Harphoul for dance. Harphoul’s companions moves around Harphoul.

Minister sees that hawan kund is broken and he illuminates about it to other people. Shalini says that it’s awful sign. Maai assembles hawan kund appropriately. Vijayan says thanks to her. Harphoul reviews Balwant’s test and the way that Maai chose Mohini for him. He sits on the marriage mandap. Mohini comes there and sits close to Harphoul. Shalini says that Mohini fouled up by wearing white saree. Maai requests that she hush up. She makes Mohini wear red tone ‘chunri’ which she wore on her marriage. She favors Mohini and Harphoul.

Mohini says that this white saree Shyamala wore on her marriage and presently she has both of her mom favors. Harphoul grins somewhat hearing her. Mohini’s sister lets Harphoul know that she resents him since he will take Mohini nowhere near her. Harphoul tells her that he would have take her with him on the off chance that he can then, at that point. Mohini says that no one but she can deal with Harphoul. Mohini’s sisters tracks down Harphoul’s shoe. Cleric starts the marriage ceremonies. He drones mantras. Mohini makes an interpretation of the mantras to Harphoul and he rehashes it.

Saroj says that now Maai will perform gathbandhan custom. Maai says that she feels like her better half additionally favoring the couple and performs gathbandhan custom. Minister says that now is the right time to trade the marriage laurels. Harphoul and Mohini gets up and they trades the marriage laurels. They says that their life got demolished. Everybody applauds the couple. Minister calls Vijayan for kanyadaan. Vijayan performs kanyadaan custom and he gets close to home. He tells Harphoul that Mohini looks solid however she is delicate.

He requests that he not make’s Mohini extremely upset. Harphoul and Mohini finishes the pheres. He ties nupital chain around her neck. He fills her brow with vermilion. Everybody gets close to home. Saroj requests that Harphoul put Mohini’s leg on a crushing stone to finish the last marriage custom. Harphoul says that he won’t contact Mohini’s leg. Shalini and Tauji upholds him. Maai requests that Harphoul do it yet the last option rejects.

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