Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Woh Toh Hai Albela 16th December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Rashmi while going to fall on her feet when she pushes a beautification thing on her feet and Sayuri flinches in torment. Everybody panics for her however Rashmi imagines that she merits atleast that much for what occurred in Shagun.

Later everybody have a good time while having kheer and acclaim Rashmi’s kheer. Kanha will say that it looks like Sayuri’s hand tailored kheer. Sayuri says not her yet her mom’s recipe instructed the two of them. He jokes that he should give the Shagun to her mom.

He gives Rashmi the envelope while Sayuri gives her Bangle. Yash says Kusum that she should miss the after marriage customs however vows to satisfy all her desire. Everybody takes a gander at them cheerfully.

Sayuri carries Rashmi to Kanha’s godlike object to do a custom. She makes her dress Kanha as a piece of the custom. Rashmi does as she says and Sayuri requests that she ask something to God as her desire will be promptly satisfied. She requests that God give a youngster to Sayuri straightaway. She adds That he’s the person who gets the incomprehensible going. She says that he ought to create Sayuri a mother notwithstanding the way that she can never become mother.

Sayuri gets staggered hearing it while Rashmi grins. She imagines as she didn’t realize that Sayuri had close to zero insight into it. She imagines like consoling her however Sayuri leaves. Rashmi heard Saroj and Dadi’s discussions when Saroj let Dadi know that she again had the fantasy of Sayuri breaking in to tears subsequent to finding out about her fruitlessness. She was terrified that Sayuri would know it when Dadi requested that they visit kuldevi sanctuary. Rashmi grins hearing the piece if news.

Sayuri yells for Kanha and everybody emerges. She stands up to him whether she can’t become a mother. Kanha is stunned as Sayuri gets some information about it. Rashmi partook in their battle and wanted that she would return home after the battle. Kanha concurred yes and apologizes for concealing it from her.

Sayuri inquires as to Why’s he saying ‘sorry’ as she couldn’t in fact envision the amount he would’ve gone through after learning the news. She says he concealed it from he is for her to not feel miserable and she would’ve done likewise for him in the event that she was in his place.

The fact that her arrangement tumbled makes rashmi irritated. Sayuri embraced Kanha and cried that for what reason did God rebuff her so much and what slip-up did she do. Kanha solaces her. Everybody checks out at them with mournful eyes. They acclaim their comprehension and the affection for one another. Everybody favored them while they embraced one another.

Precap : Nakul will get some information about reality to her as Kanha just enlightened him. Sayuri will take a gander at Rashmi others does as well.

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