Woh Toh Hai Albela 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

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Nakul hears Rashmi controlling Yash to change her and Nakul and Yash and Kusum’s wedding on same day in same muhurat. Yash strolls to Kanha and Sayuri’s room and inquires as to whether they can change the two weddings on same day. Kanha inquires as to whether he is awkward with same day wedding. Yash says Kusum might feel awful to impart her exceptional day to somebody.

Kanha and Sayuri say Kusum would have told them assuming she had felt in this way, as a matter of fact she is glad to share all the prewedding and wedding ceremonies with Rashmi. They ask who infusd this idea to her. Kusum goes along with them and says she is exceptionally content with this equivalent day wedding and says she is certain somebody told this to Yash. They every one of the 3 demand her to let them know a name. Yash says Rashmi.

Nakul reviews Rashmi communicating her disappointment towards same day marriage and mentioning him to change the date. Rashmi inquires as to whether he is making arrangements for a shopping excursion to Delhi, they will alone go to Delhi for seven days, and so on. Nakul goes up against Rashmi for attempting to control Yash and reprimands her for offending Kanha and Sayuri and rowdiness with Saroj, Indu, and Bhanu. He drops their wedding and requests that she perform pheras and vacation herself. Rashmi separates. Sayuri and Kanha notice their battle from a good ways. Rashmi irately takes a gander at them and takes off. The two of them run behind her and quest for her. Afterward, they notice her fallen oblivious on floor subsequent to consuming toxin.

They rush her home and call a specialist who plays out her treatment and guarantee that she’s steady at this point. Sayuri separates seeing Rashmi’s condition. Indu and Bhanu question Sayuri and Kanha in the event that Rashmi had a battle with Nakul or another person. Kanha says no. The two of them go looking for Nakul.

Saroj feels stressed reviewing Daadi mausi’s admonition not to allow any childless lady to go to pooja. Dadi mausi comforts and requests that she show her kids’ kundalis to panditji. Saroj picks kundalis from her pantry and expectations there could be no further issue from here on out.

Precap: Saroj shows Nakul and Rashmi’s kundalis to Panditji. Panditi says Rashmi’s self-fixated acts will place family in a tough situation. Saroj shows Kanha and Sayuri’s kundalis next. Panditji says they will confront something soon which will change their life totally.

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