Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Mata Paravati asks permission from Vishwakarma if Ganesh can ask some questions to girls Ridhi & Sidhi so that he can decide about them & he allows her while his girls too tell Mata they understand Ganeshji’s confusion hence he can ask whatever he wishes because they are ready for anything & Mata feels happy about them.

Ganeshji comes forward but is little nervous hearing about girls accepted so easily while Mata asks him why he is confused & Mushak says it seems Ganeshji has become nervous in place of girls.

Ganeshji tells them as you have accepted then they can have seat but before sitting they have to choose that particular seat which should be big & should not insult elders hence they fall in confusion but Mushak intimates them to take name of Shri Ganeshji before beginning any auspicious work or any kind of test so that they’ll be blessed to tackle easily hence they pray Ganeshji’s name & move ahead sitting besides Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati’s feet.

They explain him this is an ultimate seat which does not insult elders & get blessings from parents to any child through their feet & Ganeshji is impressed thinking they infact has passed his test formally with this first question itself while all of them also praise them for their smartness.

Ganeshji keeps giving them various kinds of test which they smartly answer them with full confidence while he also asks them five questions in which there was only one answer but all of them were confused how so many questions can have only one answer but they overcome that question also very smartly answering & explaining it with detailed description of that answer which was Para-Brahma & they pray Ganeshji saying they know he is avatar who had shocked Brahmadev also once when he had seen the entire Universe in Ganeshji’s nose. Vishwakarma also tells Ganeshji they have learnt all the knowledge which they have to face from him.

Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati tell Ganesh girls have passed all his test so to take his decision but Ganesh says he still has one question for them to answer which will be final but Mata Paravati asks him now what is left when they have cleared all his queries while the girls also tell Mata Paravati let him take any test as they are capable to answer him whatever he wishes.

Precap :

Storm is being created by some unknown devotee but Devraj Indra along with other Gods wonder who can it be while Shri Ganesh is also confused about it.

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