Udariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Fateh and Tejo coming to the bistro. A child bounces on the couch. They see and go to hold. They see one another. Music plays… . A man comes and takes his child. He expresses gratitude toward Fateh. Fateh says I wasn’t following you, Mahi and Amrik were coming here. She says Dilraj and Navraj were likewise coming.

They review the calls. Dilraj and everybody look on. Fateh says you stay, I will go. The server asks what will they have. Tejo says sorry, I need to go. The man says its restrictive new year offer for couples, if it’s not too much trouble, attempt the red velvet cake. Fateh says OK, sorry, we will get it stuffed, we can basically have espresso.

Dilraj says the two of them sat. Mahi says we should go at this point. Fateh says bring two espressos. The server gets the espresso. Chup mahi… .plays… Fateh says Tejo. Tejo says say nothing that I would rather not hear. Fateh says I guarantee, I won’t say. He thinks to make her grin. He says you recall Tanya, Mrs. Sharma, she was abnormal, I stress thoroughly considering her. She asks how did she respond. He says she used to watch out for me,

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I was saving my regard from her. She hears him and snickers. She says she used to get disturbed when anybody called her aunt. He says precisely. He says I will go washroom and come. He disappears and grins seeing her. He notes down Tejo’s 10th grin. Jasmin comes there. She sees Tejo and says pause, I have come to Moga now, we will continue to meet, you thought you got liberated from me, no its unthinkable.

Tejo asks where are you residing here. Jasmin says clearly, not at our folks’ home, everybody detests me since I m like what I show up, everybody simply considers you, nobody is with me, neither family nor love, I have mastered residing, I realized who is my family and who is my foe. She cries. She says you don’t have to stress for me, I can reside on my conditions, I will track down a spot to live, Fateh will arrive at me eventually. Tejo says then, at that point, control him, I don’t need Fateh, keep him, he is there, proceed to deal with him. She leaves.

Jasmin says she is gone, presently his turn. She goes. Fateh figures where did Tejo go. He hears some band music and goes out. He sees Jasmin moving. She says here is the husband to be. She makes him wear sehra. He tosses it and requests her to not make a joke from herself. She asks what’s the marriage date, Tejo is likewise here. She moves.

He prevents the man from playing the drum. She says I will persuade him, he is vexed, much appreciated, all of you can go. He asks where is Tejo. She says she realizes she has where I m there, she said she has a bad situation for you in her heart. He says stay out of other people’s affairs, you can’t trick me, I know what to do. He goes. She says this time, you will be left stunned.

Tejo thinks about Jasmin’s words. Rupy requests that she have food. He takes care of her with his hands. She says you used to take care of Jasmin and me in youth. He says I would rather not talk about her. She says its bad that she lives like a vagrant. He says I couldn’t care less, she didn’t see any liability or love, she is childish, how would you are familiar her. Tejo says I met her today. He asks where, did she inconvenience you.

She says she told harsh things, yet she can’t do the more terrible. He says possibly she doesn’t know it herself, she will not sit calm, assuming she has come to Moga, then, at that point, she would have considered something, be cautious about her. She says relax, all of you are with me, I simply need you to bring her home, pardon her, perhaps she fails to remember her scorn. He cries and says you are as yet contemplating her. She says I m like you. He embraces her. He thinks Jasmin needs to hurt you.

Its morning, Rupy says I m going to Gurudwara. He goes to Sweety’s home and requests Jasmin. She says I don’t have a clue where did she go, I m saying reality. He searches for Jasmin at some hotel. He sees her at some salon. He hauls her outside and asks what’s your arrangement. She says you are not my father, I m not your little girl, proceed to tell this to Tejo. He says I wish to harm you, tell me, you need to deliver retribution on Tejo, you disdain her, you disdain me and beat me. He yells and cries.

She asks what’s happening with you. He says I beseech you, spare Tejo, deliver retribution on Fateh. Simran comes. He says Fateh consumed your identification, he broke your fantasies, he broke the connection, he told me everything the day you came to me. Simran thinks he had some awareness of Fateh and Jasmin, however didn’t tell me. She returns home. She says I heard Rupy let Jasmin know that he knew it all. She tells everything. Gurpreet asks how might he do this, for what reason did he conceal it. Khushbeer says I will find a solution from him. He becomes furious.

Precap :Khushbeer asks how could you conceal this. Rupy calls Fateh a fake. Khushbeer and Rupy get into a battle. Fateh and Tejo get back home and attempt to stop the battle.

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