Udaariyaan Written Update 23rd September 2022:

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Episode begins with Nehmat saying that Ekam and her used to battle when they were kids. Ekam and Nehmat educate their companions regarding a football match challenge that they had. Mallika says that Ekam succumbed to Nehmat during that football challenge. Ekam says that he used to send a being a tease message to Nehmat communicating his adoration. They become companions, then sweethearts.

Mallika says that Ekam succumbed to Nehmat first, so she reports Nehmat as the champ. Naaz says that Nehmat ought to express whatever she might be thinking. Nehmat says that she believes Ekam should give a dance execution. Ekam moves alongside the artist to the melody Dhoom Manchale.

At Ekam’s home, Randhawa gets a stroke and swoons. Renuka is stunned to see Randhawa’s condition. She telephones Ekam. Ekam can’t answer the call as he is moving. There, Nehmat joins Ekam and the two of them dance while Naaz consumes in desire checking them out.

Renuka surges Randhawa to the medical clinic. On the way, she continues to call Ekam, yet he doesn’t answer the calls. In the interim, Ekam is conversing with Nehmat. An alcoholic man shouts to Ekam and taunts Ekam about his father being suspended. He blames Ekam’s father for being debased and says that Ekam likewise needs to turn into a cop for cash.

Nehmat flies off the handle and needs to punch him. In any case, Ekam stops Nehmat and lets him know that he needs to join the police to clear every one of the claims against his father. He censures him and sends him away.

Nehmat lashes out that Ekam didn’t punch him. Naaz converses with a person named Varun. The last option offers her a beverage. Naaz declines. He persuades her to drink juice. He spikes the juice. Naaz drinks that juice. Renuka comes to the party setting. She reprimands Ekam and Mallika for not accepting her calls. She tells about Randhawa getting a stroke. Nehmat, Ekam and Mallika are stunned to hear this.

Renuka asks Ekam where his telephone is. Ekam asks Nehmat. Nehmat takes it from her pack and gives it to Ekam. Ekam, Mallika and Renuka race to the emergency clinic. Nehmat likewise needs to oblige them, however quits seeing an inebriated Naaz with a person. Nehmat hits Varun and takes Naaz with her. Still up in the air to get back at Nehmat for the slap.

Naaz awakens with a headache. Naaz demands Shelly not to educate the family regarding her being inebriated. Shelly educates Naaz concerning Mallika having got an engagement proposition by the rich Malhotras. In the mean time, Mallika says that she doesn’t need an organized marriage, however an affection marriage. So she won’t meet the person.

All of a sudden, Nehmat shows up there and welcomes Randhawa. The last option recollects Fateh and Tejo’s passing and feels remorseful. Nehmat persuades Mallika to meet the person. There Naaz advises Shelly that she needs to wed a rich person who will satisfy everything she could ever hope for. Here Mallila says that she needs to wed a person who cherishes her a ton. There Naaz chooses to visit Ekam’s home to meet the forthcoming husband to be.

The Malhotras show up at Ekam’s home. Nehmat brings Mallika. Renuka says thanks to Nehmat for making Mallika wear the saree. Malhotras see Mallika. Naaz is additionally there. She grins, checking out at the planned husband to be, Gautam. Ekam presents Nehmat. Renuka intercedes and says that Nehmat is Ekam’s school companion. Ekam proposes allowing Mallika and Gautam to talk alone.

Mallika demands Nehmat to sit with her and Gautam. As Mallika doesn’t start the discussion. Nehmat begins to talk about with Gautam. Naaz watches this remaining at the doorstep.

Precap: Renuka gets the Malhotras call and is stunned. Renuka tells Randhawa that Malhotras loved Nehmat, not Mallika. Nehmat is shown joyfully chatting with her loved ones.

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