Parineetii Written Update 23rd September 2022:

Parineetii Written Update 23rd September 2022 on

Episode begins with Rajeev seeing Parineet out and about. She overlooks him and leaves. Rajeev imparts to her that he knows that he had done a transgression to her. He feels regretful for his deeds. Parineet asks him. Didn’t he grab everything from her and see him looking for pardoning from her? Rajeev tells her that Neeti is his satisfaction.

Parineet shares with him that he just focuses on his satisfaction. And her joy? Rajeev guaranteed Parineet to pay attention to her. Be that as it may, he can’t leave Neeti. Parineet asks him. Didn’t he avoid her and peer down on her adoration? She requests him to avoid Neeti. Then just he would understand her aggravation.

On the off chance that he laments his deeds, he could avoid his adoration. He will understand his misstep. Rajeev requests that she stop. Monty asks Rajeev what has been going on with him? Rajeev understands that he was dreaming about Parineet. Mandeep requests that Harman purchase another jewelry for her on Diwali.

Harman stresses over Parineet. He imparts to Mandeep that he chatted with Rajeev a couple of moments previously. However she hasn’t called him yet. He feels something is off-base there. He wishes to visit Chandigarh quickly. Mandeep gets some information about her and on second thought ponder his better half. Mandeep calls Chandrika to realize what’s happening there. Chandrika imparts to her that Parineet left the home.

She gets disappointed hearing it. She believes that Parineet will get back to Barnala. In the event that she returns, she will make one more show here. She wishes to stop her approaching to Barnala. She awakens from her bad dream. Harman asks her what was the deal? She requests that he rest as opposed to agonizing over her. She feels eased that it’s every one of the a fantasy.

Amith goes to meet Gurinder. Chandrika prevents him from attempting to meet the individual who double-crossed Tai ji and Parineet. She grievances that she is the justification for everything. Amith advises her that he simply needs to check regardless of whether she is fine. Gurinder asks them for what reason would they say they are here? Chandrika tells her they simply need to check regardless of whether she is fine.

Gurinder inquires as to whether they really focus on her? Their Tai ji offended her before everybody. Chandrika says that she merited it since she was a cheat. She deceived them. Both get into a contention. Chandrika objections that Tai ji chided her on account of her slip-up. They are not griping she got a settlement from them, however she demolished Parineet’s life. She is the justification behind everything.

Chandrika attacks her and leaves. Rajeev arrives at the clinic. He hears the medical caretaker examining about a young lady’s dead body arriving at the emergency clinic. Rajeev gets apprehensive hearing it and asked the attendant about that young lady. She imparts to him that she ended it all. At the point when they take her to medical clinic, she is dead. Rajeev was crushed to hear it. He helps me to remember Parineet’s minutes. In the interim, the specialist encouraged Tai ji to take a rest.

She imparts to her better half her trepidation. Her better half requests that she think decidedly. On the off chance that she is positive, they will find Parineet quickly. She lets him know that she puts stock in god. Simi brings nourishment for her. Simi tells her that she can comprehend that she is irate with her. She is upset for her way of behaving yet she can’t see her mother and can’t be eager. She begs her mother to eat something.

Tai ji tells her that she isn’t ravenous. Simi adds that she will get her appetite back once Parineet gets back. Tai ji tells her that she isn’t ravenous. Simi grumblings that she is worried about Parineet, rather than any other person. Her significant other control center Tai ji.

Rajeev becomes upset about distinguishing the dead body. The attendant requests that he sign for the register and notice his telephone number in it. Rajeev wondered whether or not to sign in the register. He believes that he never thought in light of the fact that about his mix-up Parineet lost her life. The medical caretaker requests that he distinguish the dead body.

Precap; Neeti will impart to Parineet that Sanju’s folks not prepared to acknowledge her yet. She will stress over her child. Parineet will vow to Neeti that Sanju’s family will acknowledge her.

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