Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Tejo chancing upon a man. She sees that he is concealing a blade in his pack. She asks him what his identity is. Jasmine comes there and says that he is Chetan, a cook. Tejo says that Gurpreet organized the cook. Jasmine says that she has called him since he is incredible a cook. She leaves taking that man. Tejo asks why Jasmine appears to be anxious. The artist Sunanda Sharma show up at there and meets Angad. She prods him with Tejo. Angad takes more time to meet all.

Sunanda Sharma sings a tune and all appreciates. After that Nimmo comes to Gurpreet and wishes her cheerful holi. They examine about Swaran. Nimmo criticizes Swaran. She says that Swaran tossed her children out of the house after her significant other’s passing and her mentality additionally different subsequent to realizing her better half composed the house on her name. All at once Jasmine and Amrik come to them and wish Nimmo blissful holi. They leave. Nimmo tells Gurpreet to be cautious with Jasmine. She says that she has little to no faith in Jasmine, she could do without her. Gurpreet tells Nimmo that she could do without the way she’s discussing Swaran.

Jasmine chides Chetan and checks the rope he has which is in his sack. She advises him to do anything that he is assumed behind the scenes region of this spot. The man gestures alright and leaves. Angad sees this and thinks about what Jasmine is doing. Sunanda Sharma sings another melody. All appreciates it. Fateh-Tejo, Sunanda – Angad and Amrik-Jasmine dance together.

Amrik considers spiking the bhang and gives it to Jasmine to make her spill reality. Angad spikes a bhang class and requests that the server give it to Jasmine. However, Satti drinks it. She requests that the server bring more this sort of bhang. Angad asks Jasmine what it’s concocting to her. Jasmine insults him and leaves. Angad says that he wants to watch out for Jasmine. Navraj and Mahi are likewise watching out for Jasmine as they have no faith in her and they examine about it. They choose to give Jasmine spiked bhang to make her spill the arrangement on the off chance that she has one. Angad sees this and gets happy that he isn’t the only one to uncertainty Jasmine.

Tejo attempts to prevent Fateh from drinking bhang. Fateh and Tejo have a rivalry and they drink bhang. Mahi and Navraj make Jasmine drink bhang. Generally gets inebriated and partakes in the holi. Fateh and Tejo play with water line and the two of them get totally doused. Fateh lifts Tejo and takes her from that point. Jasmine sees this. She telephones Chetan. She says that all are inebriated and requests that he sit tight for her telephone and do the very thing she told. Jasmine feels unsteady and understands that she’s likewise inebriated and stresses over her preparation.

Fateh carries Tejo to the room. Tejo says that she’s eager. He gives her ladu. Tejo asks when he began to cherish her. Fateh says that long back, however it was ruined by the aggravation given by Jasmine. Other hand Jasmine attempts to Fateh and Tejo. Mahi takes her from that point. Angad sees this. Here Fateh apologize to Tejo for the aggravation he gave her. Fateh says that he has done everything in his likelihood to win her. Tejo says that he cherishes her to such an extent. She says that she needs to play holi. Fateh and Tejo apoly shading on one another and get implied.

Precap: Jasmine telephones Tejo and calls her to a spot saying that she’s in a tough situation. Mahila gets some information about Tejo and says that she questions that Jasmine is looking for trouble. She saw her with, a major man sack. Family looks on stressed.

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