Udaariyaan 29th March 2022 Written Update:

Udaariyaan 29th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Fateh hitting the dance floor with Amrik and Buzzo. Tejo looks on. Virks and Sandhus partake in their dance execution. Fateh takes Tejo in the center and they dance together. Rupy looks on. Tejo quits moving recalling Rupy’s words. Rupy goes to Tejo and Fateh. He joins their hands while all applauds. Rupy says that he understood exceptionally late that he can’t break the bond made by God. Fateh says that Rupy pardoned him. A FB shows. Rupy pardons Fateh and the last option guarantees him that he will keep Tejo cheerful. Rupy cautions Fateh that he won’t extra him assuming he makes’ Tejo extremely upset once more. FB closes. Fateh and Tejo play out the puja with the family.

Angad comes to Jasmine. He says that she is an incredible entertainer. He further says that after parcel of endeavors Jasmine got a modest cleric and made Fateh and Tejo’s horoscopes and made a phony snag in their horoscopes and sent it to Rupy some way or another, yet her destiny was terrible again that is the reason the minister got captured. Jasmine says that she can likewise question that he could have done this. Anagad says that he is watching out for her. He saw her with Buzzo in the cleric’s office. Angad and Jasmine fault one another. Jasmine says that Angad actually cherishes Tejo while Angad says that Jasmine has still affections for Fateh.

Tejo is in call with Fateh. Tejo shares with Fateh to be alert and ponders how to keep her cheerful and satisfy Rupy’s requests, she nods off. Fateh says that he will come there to wish her goodbye. Tejo goes to the patio and finds Fateh standing apart her home. He comes up. Tejo tells Fateh to vow to not face such challenge once more. Fateh tells Tejo to not conceal a single thing from him and inquires as to why she hasn’t told about Rupy’s promise. He says that no more insider facts between them. Fateh hauls Trko near him and says her to feel his pulse. Tejo requests that Fateh leave before anybody can see him. Be that as it may, Fateh rejects and sentiments Tejo. He says that he will apply shading on her first the following day and requests that she choose if she needs tone or kiss from him. He leaves. Tejo grins.

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Fateh returns home and goes to the kitchen on hearing a commotion. He observes Amrik there looking terrified. He proposes taking more time to a specialist, however Amrik denies saying that he doesn’t need anybody realize he killed somebody. Fateh concurs and quiets Amrik down. other hand Tejo considers telling Fateh Jasmine’s reality after holi.

The following day Virks and Sandhus celebrate holi. Rupy and Kushbeer apply shading on one another’s cheek. Teko ponders where Fateh is. Jasmine telephones somebody and says that they need to accomplish this work today itself. Angad watches Jasmine and the last option sees this. Amrik comes to Jasmine and requests that she apply him tone. She obliges. Amrik embraces Jasmine. The last option feels that her holi hasn’t done at this point.

Navraj comes to Tejo to apply colors, yet Tejo says that Fateh needs to apply shading on her first. Navraj pursues Tejo. The last option runs and is going to fall, yet Jasmine holds her. Tejo tells not consider applying shading on her. Jasmine says that she will not as Fateh has that right. Angad attempts apply shading on Tejo, yet Fateh comes in the middle. Fateh and Tejo grin taking a gander at one another and apply shading on one another. Jasmine looks on. She trusts that the minister forecast shouldn’t work out. Tejo crashes into a man and notification that he has blade. She asks him what his identity is.

Precap: Fateh and Tejo celebrate holi. Anagd spikes their bhang and sneers. Jasmine accompanies a blade and says that Fateh and Tejo will not fail to remember this holi. Fateh and Tejo get heartfelt.

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