Udaariyaan 1st November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ekam, Nehmat and Mallika doing the commitment shopping. Mallika requests that Nehmat and Ekam gather her commitment dress from the trailer and leaves. Mallika’s chunri is shipped off a similar designer by Advait’s mother to add a few embellishments. Nehmat likes the Chunri and gives it a shot her head.

Ekam appreciates Nehmat and embraces her from behind. Ekam requests that the designer pack it. The designer says that it’s another person’s commitment’s chunri. Nehmat laments giving it a shot her. Ekam takes Nehmat to a Baba to console her. At Sandhus’ house, Naaz and Nikhil are available to come in to work.

Nikhil says that he will acquaint Naaz with his family during Advait and Mallika’s commitment. Here, the baba takes a gander at Nehmat and Ekam’s hand and says that main Nehmat’s wedding will happen very soon, which shocks Ekam and Nehmat.

Naaz plans to utilize Nehmat and Advait’s photographs to show a thing or two to Mallika and separate her wedding with Advait. Here, Nehmat tells Baba that he is having a misconception, they will get hitched.

The baba says that main what’s composed on one’s destiny will occur. Ekam blows up hearing this. He requests that Nehmat vow to never leave him. Ekam and Nehmat guarantee each other to be together until the end of time. There, Shelly shares with Naaz that she adulated Nikhil before Satti so Rupy and Satti support her and Nikhil’s relationship. Naaz is anxious about gathering Nikhil’s family interestingly.

In the mean time, Nikhi is respecting Naaz’s photograph on his telephone. Nikhil’s mother sees this and asks him what her identity is. Nikhil says that she is his sweetheart and she is going to the wedding. Nikhil needs to assume the liability of Advait and Mallika’s commitment arrangements to intrigue Naaz. Shamsher rejects. Advait persuades Shamsher. Advait’s mother tells Advait that Naaz ought to be unique, so Nikhil is changing himself for her.

Nehmat arrives at the commitment setting. She telephones Ekam. Mallika and Ekam are coming. So they ask Nehmat to go inside without them. Nehmat erroneously makes a container fall. The water sprinkles over Advait’s mother’s saree. Advait’s mother gets angry and reproves Nehmat. She asks what her identity is.

Nehmat says that she’s Mallika’s companion. She leaves in the wake of reproving Nehmat. Advait meets Nehmat. He says that his better half’s companion is his companion. He takes her to his folks and presents them. Advait’s mother says that she has proactively met her. Nehmat is amazed to know that she’s Advait’s mother. Shamsher reminds Advait not to fail to remember that Mallika is his destiny.

Mallika and Ekam arrive at the setting. Nehmat hurries to Mallika. She pushes Ekam who is holding her up, spreading his arms. She pushes him and races to Mallika and embraces him. Advait says a shaayari to commend Mallika’s appearance.

The fact that Advait realizes Shaayari also makes nehmat stunned. Naaz tells Shelly that Nehmat is looking for trouble. She prevents Shelly from escaping the vehicle as they will not be seen on the off chance that they go at this point. Naaz says that they ought to effectively stand out.

Ekam hauls Nehmat to the side. He sentiments her. Nehmat and Ekam are cheerful about Mallika’s commitment. Advait sees them and thinks about his father’s words.

Precap: Advait and Mallika are sitting. Nehmat and Ekam get the chunri to put on their heads. Nehmat staggers and Ekam drops the chunri. The chunri falls over Advait and Nehmat’s heads, stunning everybody. Shelly says that Mallika’s commitment chunri fell on Nehmat’s head. Somewhere else, Jasmine is shown grinning.

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