Parineetii 1st November 2022 Written Update:

Parineetii 1st November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeev asking Parineet. Does she really want water to drink? Parineet requests that he give harmony to her. She attempted to take off from this house yet predetermination again brought her here. She can’t deal with everything.

Rajeev tells her that he is confronting what is happening. Anything he did to her was not purposeful. Yet, it worked out. Parineet shares with him that he did likewise to her and said it worked out. Rajeev pardons her.

Afterward, Neeti takes authorization from Tai ji to go into inside her room. Tai ji says that she had proactively come inside. Don’t bother getting her consent. Neeti advises her that she needs to talk about Parineet with her. Tai ji asks her what has been going on with Parineet?

Neeti imparts to Tai ji that Parineet has a few issues in her home. Her relationship with Rajeev isn’t great. Tai ji says that Rajeev is a nitwit and pompous individual. To that end he is disturbing Parineet. It’s difficult to come by a young lady like Parineet these days. Neeti requests that she let Parineet stay in their home to observe Diwali with her.

Tai ji gets energized and tells her that she has no issue. Neeti gets invigorated and leaves from that point to illuminate Parineet about it. Tai ji said thanks to God for sending Parineet back to her home. She can observe Diwali with her.

Monty asks Rajeev what has been going on with him? Rajeev lets him know that nothing is working out in a good way. Parineet battled a great deal due to his slip-up. He just gave her aggravation. He requests that she give her a few answers for disappear her concerns. He is dumbfounded what to do straightaway? Monty requests that he grasp it.

He asks him how he will figure out it. He can’t rest in responsibility. He can’t believe it’s his predetermination. How Parineet bore this aggravation? She is a guiltless one. In light of his narrow-mindedness, Parineet is bearing agony. He sold out her.

Rajeev requests that he give him an answer for him. He acknowledges that he got Neeti and his affection, yet shouldn’t something be said about Parineet? He destroyed her life. He begs Monty to give him an answer.

Afterward, Parineet imagines that she is attempting to leave here, yet fate brings her back here. She adds that everybody adores her here with the exception of Rajeev. She shouldn’t adore him any longer. It’s just plain wrong to contemplate him since he is Neeti’s better half.

Neeti comes there and tells her that she knows why she is that way. She adds that he doesn’t merit her. She requests Parineet fail to remember him. In the event that she actually adores him, her companion will take him back to her. Parineet feels that it’s unthinkable.

Neeti guarantees her to take him back to her life. She illuminates her that Parminder likes her a great deal. For that reason she allowed to remain here. Parineet passes on to clean up. Neeti believes that she can’t see her crying continuously contemplating him.

She swear on her child that she will take him back to her life. Rajeev comes there and illuminate Neeti that he needs to return to office. Manager is furious on him for withdrew. Neeti illuminates him that Parineet stressing over Rajeev.

He requests that she assist Chandrika he with willing take Parineet to take supper. She asks him to don’t contend with her she is now stressed. He gestures to her. Neeti embraces him. Parineet gets damages to see them together. Rajeev figures how he will chat with Parineet. He has no freedoms on her.

Gurpreet stresses for Parineet and shares with Mandeep that Parineet didn’t get back to home yet. Mandeep requests that she eat something. In any case, she wouldn’t eat it. Harman arrives at there and illuminates her that Parineet name was on list however she didn’t reach to Barnala.

In the interim, Parineet asks Rajeev for what valid reason did he called her? He believes it’s smarter to talk nothing with her. It will upset her. Parineet tells her that she has no relationship with him. She is here a direct result of Neeti’s purpose. Afterward, Gurpreet imparts to Harman that Rajeev sold out her however his relatives not encouraging to him and send Parineet out. Mandeep requests that she contact Neeti to find out about Parineet.

Afterward, Neeti cooks desserts for Relatives. Rajeev and Parineet come out together. Amith remarks on him. Tai ji gets glad to see Parineet there. Parineet prevents Neeti from serving thinking she is visitor of their home. She shouldn’t finish this work.

Tai ji adds that she is visitor so she needs to just sit and eat there. Parineet say thanks to them for permitted her to remain in home. Tai ji says that it’s her home as well. She resembles her little girl. Neeti believes that she acknowledged Parineet so she will acknowledge her as well.

She takes her consent to do rangoli. Gurpreet gains from Neeti that Parineet is in home. She asks Neeti Does she concealing anything from her? Neeti deceives her not at all like that. She questions for what reason did Parineet attempted to return to Barnala.

Afterward, Parineet doing Pooja in sanctuary. Everybody joins in the pooja yet Neeti alert late. Rajeev remembered it as Parineet voice. Neeti objections to Rajeev that they are getting late to go to pooja. Rajeev begs her to sit tight for him. She fears that Tai ji will chide her assuming she gets late to go to the pooja.

Chandrika requests Simi and Monty to join the pooja. Parineet wishes blissful Diwali to everybody and give prasad to them. Neeti takes everybody favoring. Monty neglects to dispense the workers to clean the house. Neeti proposes them to clean the house together. Tai ji allows to her. Parineet also upholds her.

Neeti requests that they proceed to take rest they will deal with it. Tai ji requests everybody to clean the house together. Everybody are occupied in cleaning the house. Rajeev prevents Neeti from get on stepping stool. Parineet also gets together with him. She requests her to get down she is pregnant.

Neeti says that Sanju is here to hold her. Neeti is determined not perfect it. Parineet recommends her to clean the floor. Rajeev assists Parineet with holding the stepping stool. Parineet lose her equilibrium Rajeev holds her on time. The two offers an eye lock.

Parineet requests Rajeev to leave her down. He leaves her. Neeti reprimands him for acting like that. Rajeev wishes cheerful diwali to her.

Parminder slips on the entryway. She asks them who did it to her? Rajeev tells her that it’s cheerful diwali to her. Neeti apologize to her. Rajeev shares with her that she figured out how to wipe the floor in her air lady preparing.

Neeti chastens him for taunting at her. Gurinder begins chuckling at Tai ji seeing her condition. Everybody joins chuckling with her. She gets glad to see Parineet likewise grinning Tai ji believes that she is prepared to tumble down commonly to see Parineet grinning.

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