Udaariyaan 18th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Tejo awakening from rest. She recalls the rose and the note from Fateh and takes a gander at the night table. She observes the night table vacant and marvels that there’s no note and blossom today. She reviews Kushbeer’s words and inquires as to whether she ought to excuse Fateh. She requests that God help her. Dilraj and Navraj are hearing Tejo. Tejo sees her telephone and discovers that Fateh dominated the game. She gets cheerful and expresses gratitude toward God for the equivalent. Tejo observes her siblings remaining close to her room window. They tell about Fateh dominating the game and shows a video. Tejo says that they’re showing an old video and sends them away.

Fateh is en route to the school. Buzzo calls Fateh and illuminates him that couple of thugs are battling with Rupy. Fateh gets stunned. The thugs beat up Rupy. The last option gets injured in his mind and falls oblivious. Fateh shows up there and battles the hooligans. The hooligans beat up Fateh as well. Fateh overwhelms them and makes them run from that point. Fateh lifts up Rupy on his shoulder and takes him from that point.

Tejo shows up at the school and sees Fateh’s banner and reviews his words. An understudy inquires as to whether she will introduce the book to Fateh. Tejo requests that the understudy converse with Tanu. At the medical clinic, the specialist says to Fateh that assuming the patient was brought late to the medical clinic, the case might have been confounded, presently he’s fine and he will recuperate quick. The specialist inquires as to whether he’s his relative. Fateh gestures yes.

Fateh gives the medical caretaker Tejo’s number and requests to call her. The medical caretaker obliges. After here and there Tejo shows up at the clinic. Fateh stows away on seeing Tejo. The last option sees Rupy oblivious. She asks the medical attendant what occurred. The attendant says that he was hit in the head. She asks who carried him to the clinic. The medical caretaker says that a kid brought him and he was harmed also, yet fortunately he figured out how to carry the patient to the clinic. He requested to call her too. Satti shows up there. Tejo gets call from the school. Satti requests that Tejo leave.

Kushbeer gets glad Fateh with the prize and the understudies praising his success by lifting him up. Fateh reviews his put-downs. Kushbeer says to Fateh that he is pleased with Fateh and embraces him. Fateh gets thrilled. Buzzo telephones Tejo and asks how Rupy is presently. Tejo asks how he got to be familiar with Rupy’s assault to which Buzzo says that he informed Fateh about Rupy being assaulted by thugs. Tejo understood that Fateh saved Rupy. Tejo goes to Fateh and expresses gratitude toward him for getting Kushbeer’s lost regard back. Fateh apologizes to him. She inquires as to why he doesn’t send rose today and inquires as to whether he sends it expecting to get her pardoning.

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Fateh says to see her grin. He gives her a rose and apologizes to her. Tejo reviews Fateh’s disloyalty and strolls way. Angad sees this and gets glad. Yet, Tejo quits reviewing the new happenings. She has a shift in perspective. She returns and acknowledges the rose. Angad looks stunned while Fateh is glad. Fateh expresses gratitude toward Tejo. The last option says that she acknowledged his rose to express gratitude toward him for saving his father. She inquires as to why he concealed this. Fateh says that he doesn’t need Rupy and Tejo feel that he did it to get Tejo’s pardoning. Tejo says that she’s not any longer irate at him, yet she continued on in her life after what occurred between them.

Fateh inquires as to whether he doesn’t have any longer spot in her heart. Tejo says that there was place for him, yet since place is shut. Tejo says that the Fateh, who is remaining before her, has changed and has begun to contemplate others and become sacrificial. Fateh grins. She disappears. Fateh gets happy. Just than Fateh gets Jasmine message. Jasmine requests that Fateh return home leaving Tejo as her amazing will arrive at there and requests to save his family if conceivable. Fateh runs from them becoming stressed. Tejo looks.

Precap: Angad makes Tejo to coercively sit on his vehicle. Amrik says to Fateh that Jasmine caught her and asks Fateh to save him. Fateh embraces Amrik. Family looks on.

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