Choti Sardarni 18th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode starts with Seher arrives at the hotel. Mithali’s dad calls a rescue vehicle however no reaction from opposite side. He says that he previously educated staff that his little girl is oversensitive to nut still they put nut in her food. Seher apologizes to him. He says that he ought not have come here. She requests that he let her treat Mithali first. She performs emergency treatment to Mithali. Specialist comes there and gestures of recognition Seher. He arranges them to concede Mithali to medical clinic. They takes Mithali from that point. Seher requests that Mrs Balla send clinic bill to her.

After a few time, Mrs. Balla lets Harleen know that now Devika and Amrin left for Param and he needs to choose one young lady between them. Harleen lets her family know that swayamvar ought not stop. Kulwant says that she isn’t understanding that first Neha left and presently Mithali. Karan gets some information about Rajveer. Kulwant lets him know that Rajveer went to sanctuary.

Seher imagines that she needs to visit Guruji with 8 purple grains. Kulwant requests that she prepare quick to visit Guruji. Seher tells her that what occurred with purple grains. She says that Guruji won’t help her on the off chance that she don’t take purple grains with her then, at that point. They goes to look through the purple grains and they petitions God. Seher finds 8 purple grains and gathers it. Then, at that point, she expresses gratitude toward God. Kulwant requests that she keep them securely now and she will go with her to visit Guruji. Seher trusts that Guruji will consent to treat Rajveer. Kulwant calls Ranna and Bittu. Seher advises Ranna and Bittu to ensure that Param and Karan doesn’t battle with one another. Ranna requests that she not stress.

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Afterward, Guruji reprimands Seher for arriving behind schedule. She attempts to say something however he will not listen her and says that he won’t treat Rajveer. Kulwant lets him know that he additionally realizes that how much Seher buckled down for Rajveer. She illuminates him that Seher went to save a young lady’s life that is the reason she arrived behind schedule. She says that he is their last expectation and argues him to help them.

Harleen requests that staff start the arrangements to invite visitors. She praises Param. She lets him know that Devika likes him and he should take additional consideration of her. Young ladies and their folks comes there. Devika says that she realizes that today is last day. However, she needs to be aware of the holding Karan and Param offering to their family. She recommends to play kite traveling to be familiar with it. Bittu and Ranna acclaims her thought. Harleen asks Mrs. Balla to plan for contest. Bittu and Ranna says that they will get it done.

Guruji requests that Seher put those purple grains in the fire like she put the leaf. Kulwant asks him that how might he request that Seher do this. Seher says that she trust Guruji and she places those purple grains in the fire. Everybody assembles for kite flying. Harleen ponders that where is Kulwant and Seher. Guruji tosses his ring in the fire and requests that Seher get it. Seher reviews that how Rajveer said that he trust her and she attempts to take Guruji’s ring. Kulwant gets stressed over Seher.

Precap – Seher lets Guruji know that she will do anything he desires her to do.

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