Udaariyaan 17th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Nehmat being stunned to see Jayveer’s dead body. She sits close to Ekam and holds his arm. Renuka scowls at Nehmat. Ekam reviews Jayveer’s words against Nehmat and his self destruction note. He eliminates Nehmat’s hands from his arm, which shocks Nehmat.

Shamsher tells Advait that Nehmat’s article will be accused. Advait says that the article likewise discusses Jayveer’s political associations. According to shamsher, however nobody would realize that the association is them as they have killed Jayveer. He requests that Advait go to Mallika, who will be his girl in-regulation.

Advait inquires as to why he ought to wed Mallika now when there’s no verification left against them. Shamsher says that Mallika will be a confirmation for the future assuming Jayveer’s political association gets addressed. He likewise says that this marriage is significant for their political profession. He leaves.

Ekam communicates his second thoughts for not paying attention to his father and battled with him for Nehmat. He faults himself for whatever was written in the article and for his father’s passing. He is sorry to Renuka and says that he is the guilty party of her and Mallika. He requests that Renuka hit him and rebuff him.

Advait shows up there. Renuka recalls Ekam battling with Jayveer for Nehmat. Renuka slaps Ekam and faults Ekam for Jayveer’s demise. She chides him for confiding in Nehmat and requests that he see its ramifications. She says that Nehmat destroyed their family and their bliss. She yells that she detests Ekam and swoons. Ekam prevents Nehmat from contacting Renuka.

He says that he abhors her, which shocks Nehmat. Ekam says that he needn’t bother with her and her phony compassion. Ekam folds his hands before Nehmat and requests that she let him and his family be. Nehmat is paralyzed to hear Ekam and cries hard. Nehmat asks Ekam to pay attention to her. Nehmat attempts to contact Ekam. The last option pushes Nehmat down and requests that she get out.

Nehmat proceeds to sit close to Jayveer’s dead body. She cries, collapsing her hands. She says that she sat idle. She would never consider hurting him. She is sorry to him. She takes blossoms in her palm to put on Jayveer’s body.

Ekam stops Nehmat. He cautions Nehmat not to contact his father. He hauls Nehmat out of the house, overlooking Nehmat, saying that she didn’t distribute the article. He tosses her out of the house and strolls inside. The cop shuts the door. Nehmat starts to sob uncontrollably, sitting external the house. Inside, Ekam separates in tears before his father’s body.

Nehmat gets back. She cries, reviewing Ekam’s contemptuous words. Shelly and Exquisite fault Nehmat for Jayveer’s passing and attack her. Shelly says that in light of Nehmat’s article, Mallika and Naaz’s wedding will be canceled. Naaz is stunned to hear this and figures that she didn’t consider it.

Naaz acts guiltlessly and reproves Nehmat for distributing the article. She says that Ekam won’t ever pardon her for her demonstration. Nehmat cries and her legs leave and she sits crying. As Shelly and Beautiful are reproving Nehmat, Rupy yells, requesting that they stop. He assists Nehmat with getting up and consoles her. Nehmat cries and says that she didn’t distribute that article.

She says that she concealed this article from Ekamas in light of the fact that she needed no issue in Mallika’s wedding. She needed to enlighten Ekam regarding this after Mallika’s wedding and laments her choice. Rupy says that he confides in Nehmat.

The last option says that Ekam will not accept her and thinks that she distributed the article and killed Jayveer. Rupy says that Ekam got a major shock. He requests that Nehmat give Ekam time to beat this and says that then Ekam will stand by listening to Nehmat and will grasp her.

In Canada, Jasmine consumes Tejo and Fateh’s photograph. She says that her concerns finished with Jayveer’s demise as Jayveer could discover that she’s Jasmine Sandhu, which Shmasher can never be aware, so presently she can go to India. She expresses that there will be just harmony in her life as the main observer to her wrongdoing is dead.

Here, Ekam plays out Jayveer’s burial service customs. Nehmat is crying, embracing Naaz. Naaz apologizes to Jayveer in her brain for turning into the casualty of her disdain for Nehmat and Mallika. Ekam gets fire going to Jayveer’s body. He embraces Renuka and Mallika crying. Everybody leaves with the exception of Ekam and Nehmat. Afterward, Nehmat attempts to converse with Ekam and make sense of that she didn’t distribute the article. Ekam doesn’t pay attention to Nehmat and drives off in his jeep. Nehmat runs behind his jeep and afterward quits inclination tired.

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