Udaariyaan 16th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ekam asking Nehmat for what valid reason she appeared to be upset. Nehmat reviews Advait’s words and deceives Ekam. Ekam consoles Nehmat and embraces her. Nehmat feels that she can allow nothing to happen to him.

On Nehmat’s PC, Naaz plans the programmed distributing of Jayveer’s article on the Top point media site for the following day. Naaz says that she will grab everything from Nehmat and make her reality topsy turvy.

Shamsher telephones Jasmine. Jasmine acclaims Shamsher for the adornment courses of action of the capabilities. She inquires as to why he is quiet. Shamsher says that Jayveer recognized the hooligan, Vineet, and mastered everything. He says that he was even prepared to get his child wedded to Jayveer’s little girl to save him and her, however presently it appears everything is demolished.

Jasmine says that no other person ought to be familiar with what Jayveer realized. She says that he has previously killed five individuals, so he can kill another individual. She adds that a tempest will come in the event that he doesn’t make it happen. She arranges him to end Jayveer’s part always with the goal that Ekam or Nehmat can do nothing.

The following morning, Mallika awakens Ekam and requests that he read Nehmat’s article. Ekam gets stunned subsequent to perusing the article about Jayveer and him on the telephone. Mallika says that Nehmat expounded seriously on Jayveer and Ekam and inquires as to whether he knew about this article.

At Rupy’s home, Nehmat accepts her supervisor’s call. Her supervisor yells at Nehmat for distributing the article in spite of Nanak disallowing the articles distributing. Nehmat promptly takes a look at her PC and is stunned to track down Jayveer’s article on the site.

Mallika inquires as to whether Nehmat was dealing with this article and was upset. She inquires as to whether he knows about it. She asks how Nehmat can do this, particularly only three days before her wedding. Ekam asks where father is. All at once, Renuka comes there and says that Jayveer hasn’t gotten back yet. She adds that the previous evening, he informed that he was with his companions to celebrate.

Ekam attempts to contact Jayveer. In the mean time, Vineet shares with Shamsher that he informed from Jayveer’s telephone to his better half as he inquired. Shamsher requests that Vineet slip away for quite a long time. Here, Ekam, Renuka and Mallika go to find Jayveer as he isn’t noting the call. There, Nehmat stresses over what Ekam and Jayveer will think subsequent to perusing the article.

Ekam sees Jayveer’s vehicle. Ekam, Mallika and Renuka race to the vehicle. They actually take a look at inside the vehicle and are stunned to track down Jayveer dead. They see Jayveer has a shot blemish on his sanctuary and a firearm in his grasp. Ekam says that it can’t be valid. He requests that his father awaken. Mallika and Renuka burst out crying.

Ekam embraces his mother. Ekam sees a letter in his grasp and close to him a tab which is opened on the article page. Ekam peruses the letter. In the letter it’s composed that Jayveer would have rather not confronted the world in the wake of perusing the article which stigmatized him, so he is ending it all. Ekam inquires as to why.

At Rupy’s home, Shelly and her significant other bring bangles for Naaz for her bangles’ custom. Naaz asks where Nehmat is. Satti says that she should be occupied with some work. Naaz grins, believing that the article probably been distributed at this point. All at once, Nehmat comes ground floor and hastily goes out. Naaz believes that the work is finished. Rupy stresses over Nehmat. Nehmat is en route to Ekam’s home and attempts to reach him to make sense of for him.

Here, Naaz shows the article about Jayveer to the entire family and says that perhaps Nehmat was dealing with this article. Rupy won’t completely accept that that Nehmat distributed this article. He says that another person would have distributed it erroneously.

Naaz says that Nehmat’s name is in the article. Shelly says that in light of the fact that Nehmat would have arranged the report for this article. Shelly insults Nehmat about stigmatizing her sweetheart and her loved ones. Exquisite says that Kapoors will won’t acknowledge Mallika as their girl in-regulation in the wake of perusing this article. Naaz sneers.

Advait shares with Shamsher that Jayveer is dead. He says that the man whom he requested to watch out for Jayveer let him know that Jayveer’s body was found in his vehicle with a self destruction note. Shamsher says that Advait ought to be with Mallika now as she is in distress. Advait inquires as to whether Shamsher isn’t liable for Jayveer’s passing.

Shamsher concedes that he killed Jayveer. He says that it was a request to kill Jayveer and, besides, Jayveer had a ton of proof against him. Advait is stunned and says that he did another homicide. Shamsher shows Jayveer’s article and says that Nehmat distributed this article with flawless timing. He says that Jayveer passed on in the wake of perusing this article. Advait asks why Nehmat distributed this article when she needed to defer it.

Nehmat is coming and attempts to call Mallika and Ekam, however nobody gets the call. She ponders who posted the article and what Ekam and Jayveer would think about her. At Randawa’s home, Ekam, Mallika and Renuka are crying, sitting close to Jayveer’s body.

Nehmat arrives at there and is befuddled about tracking down the media before Ekam’s home. Nehmat heads inside and stands stunned to see Jayveer’s dead body lying in the lobby and the family crying.

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