Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 26th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Kajol telling Anurag to stop the car. Anurag tells but her home is still away will she walk? Kajol tells after the newspaper article everyone keeps talking nonsense so she doesn’t want to give them any reason. Anurag tells he will accompany her till the end of street. Kajol tells Anurag to tell her if he doesn’t want her to come tomorrow she will make some excuse to his aunt. Anurag asks her to say clearly what does she mean to say? Kajol tells she thinks Priyanka did not like her getting involved in his family matter. Anurag tells what does she even know about Priyanka? Kajol tells sometimes faces speak a lot and she feels Priyanka isn’t happy with her doing the puja preparation so if she wants she can do it.

Anurag tells Kajol that he knows Priyanka from many years she doesn’t know anything about Puja preparations and she doesn’t even have time for it. Chandana tells Thakur Maa that Naina is also her niece and she should come to Arjun’s house to finalize the marriage date with her. Thakur Maa tells house shouldn’t be left empty on Puja so she will stay at home and Kajol will go to office rest of them will go with Chandana. Naina tells no one cares about her and leaves from there.

Anurag tells Kajol that Durga Puja was his mother’s favorite festival and that is why his aunt wants Kajol’s help in making it special and if Kajol wants to help she shouldn’t worry about what anyone else is going to think. Kajol tells he wants to celebrate for his mother and Kajol wants to do Puja for her father so she will come to help next morning. Kajol’s duppatta gets stuck in the pole and Anurag unties it as romantic music plays in BM. Chandana tells Kajol will stay at home and everyone else will go to Arjun’s house. Kajol thinks she will finish her shopping with Anurag’s aunt and return before afternoon.

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Chandana gets a call from Arjun’s family telling her to come early as Panditji is busy in afternoon. Panditji decides the date for marriage. Thakur Maa taunts Kaushik when he says they don’t have any demands. Shreya returns home and is shocked to find Arjun with Naina. Kajol tries calling Arjun’s aunt to inform about her delay but she doesn’t pick up the phone. Anurag is excited to meet Kajol and spend time with her so he make excuses to his aunt and delays going to hospital. Kajol Anurag’s aunt tells she is thinking to buy a saree for Kajol after the shopping. Anurag says pink color will look lovely on her and then changes his words and says pink is looking lovely on you.The episode ends with Anurag thinking why is Kajol not here yet.

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