Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd February 2022 Written Update: 

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd February 2022 Written Update:  The episode begins with Priyanka telling to stop the customs. Priyanka calls media inside Kajol’s home and advise them to click pictures of Anurag and Kajol. Priyanka tells she came in the middle of Anurag and Kajol and made mistaken assumptions between them however today she is accepting all the fault as Anurag and Kajol’s adoration is valid. Priyanka wishes Anurag and Kajol a cheerful future and apologizes to Kajol for every one of the troubles she gave her. Kajol is amazed. Priyanka tells Kajol her adoration was valid and she made Anurag stand on his legs once more. Priyanka tells her adoration was only her hardheadedness. Priyanka apologizes to Dida Maa for harming her.

Kajol advises Anurag to pardon Priyanka. Thakur Maa tells Kajol’s heart is extremely unadulterated and she is prepared all the time to excuse. Naina asks Priyanka did she surrender with such ease? Naina tells did Priyanka acknowledge rout with such ease? Priyanka tells Naina she is a particularly looser and she is simply satisfying her fellowship with Anurag. Thakur Maa taunts Naina. Naina requests her check. Chandana advises Kajol to give the che

Bolti tells Naina not to attempt to contend with Shreya as she won’t ever be equivalent to her. Kajol tells she can’t get how she needs to satisfy Naina. Thakur Maa tells Naina is like this just and today is an exceptionally cheerful day so not to stress over her. Apu tells Naina needed to ask cash right now just or, in all likelihood we would have sent Kajol like a Princess. Anandita calls Kajol and tells Kaushik experienced a respiratory failure and he needs to meet Bolti. Anandita apologizes to Kajol for her missteps and cries and advises Kajol to send Bolti home and she will be always appreciative to her.

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Bolti tells this is on the grounds that she gave such a lot of pressure to her dad. Kajol advises Bolti to go to her home immediately. Chandana advises Bolti to remain there for few days if necessary. Bolti advises Apu to release her alone in light of the fact that her dad could deteriorate on seeing him. Apu inquires as to whether she is okay and tells her not to stress. Bolti tells now nobody can seperate us and she will be back before Kajol’s wedding capacities. Apu advises Bolti to remain safe. Bolti tells Anandita she is liable for her dad’s such condition.

Anandita demands Bolti to remain with them for a couple of days. Chandana tells today Anurag and Kajol will go to sanctuary for supplication. Anurag comes to Kajol’s home for supplication. Anurag is shocked to discover that Kaushik experienced a cardiovascular failure and nobody informed him. Kajol tells she figured he may be occupied in treating Kaushik so she didn’t call him. Anurag calls Arjun to ask regarding Kaushik. The episode closes with Arjun let Anurag know how might he hope to treat Kaushik when he is the justification behind his pressure.

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