Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd February 2022 Written Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 22nd February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Naina saying for what reason does everybody continue to drag her name with Kajol. Kaushik tells since she is from their family and they removed her girl. Arjun asks Kaushik for what good reason doesn’t he bring his little girl back? Arjun tells to overcome them we need to play like them. Anandita determines how would we be able to respond when Bolti would rather not return. Arjun tells Naina should go there as she is our ally. Arjun tells he will bring Bolti back in this house and he will not excuse Anurag and Kajol for aiding Bolti. Anandita tells we won’t allow Kajol to satisfy her fantasies by wedding Anurag. Naina tells this will not at any point occur and she could never let Kajol’s status be higher than her. Arjun tells Naina from now you will do everything that we say to you. Naina tells she would do everything to demolish Kajol’s marriage and take Bolti back to the house.

Chandana and Thakur Maa beautify the house. Anu and Chandrika come in the wake of shopping and show everybody their dresses. Chandana asks Apu did he bring check as she doesn’t need Naina to make any show today. Thakur Maa tells Kajol is giving such enormous sum to Naina and advising us to save on her wedding. Naina comes with goodies in hand gifts and desserts for everybody. Naina tells today she needs to take part in Kajol’s Aashiwaad. Thakur Maa tells when Naina talks sweet she is worried about the possibility that that there is an off-base thing. Naina explains for what reason don’t they say plainly that you would rather avoid me. Naina gives gifts and dresses to everybody.

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Anurag and his family comes to Kajol’s home for aashirwaad and Anurag continues to look aroung for Kajol. Anu sees Anurag and tells Bolti let us take him to Kajol. Bolti pushes Anurag in Kajol’s room and locks him from outside. Kajol is preparing and advises Anurag to help her wear saree. Anurag assists Kajol with preparing and gazes at her as Maahi Re plays in BM. Anurag draws near to Kajol and Bolti thumps on the entryway and tells Sharmila is calling him. Kajol advises Anurag to go as his auntie is calling him. Anurag tells Kajol he will leave after he gets what he needs. Kajol asks him what is it that he need? Anurag requests a kiss however Kajol energetically pushes him out of the room.

Anu and Chandrika cut Kajol down. Kajol takes favoring from Bishu. Sharmila gives accessory to Kajol. Naina tells the accessory is so weighty. Anu and Chandrika tells Naina even she got a neckband so why should this matter. Naina tells her neckband was not this weighty. Chandrika tells it doesn’t make any difference. Chandana sends Naina away by advising her to check out the starters in kitchen. Doorbell rings and Naina opens the entryway and tells Priyanka she came with flawless timing. The episode closes with Priyanka going into Kajol’s home.

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