Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th February 2022 Written Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 18th February 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anurag taking care of the cake to Kajol and everybody applauding. Anurag gets down on his knees and requests that Kajol wed him. Anurag tells he needs to go through his time on earth with her,he tells Kajol’s magnanimity and aiding nature makes her the most wonderful young lady in this world and requests that she allow him the opportunity to wed her. Kajol says OK and Anurag presents her as his soul mate to everybody. Maahi Re plays in foundation as Anurag and Kajol gaze at one another.

Bolti offers water to her auntie as she begins hacking however gets provoked by her. Priyanka’s mom advise her to get back. Priyanka tells she won’t acknowledge rout unexpectedly early. Sharmila invites Ayan and Shreya. Bolti inquires as to whether he is likewise angry with her? Ayan tells he is happy for her. Bolti inquires as to for what reason didn’t he come to meet her? Ayan tells everything occurred so rapidly that he didn’t get time. Bolti tells she is extremely blissful and everybody adores her a ton in her new family. Ayan advises Bolti to present Apu with him.

Naina salutes Kajol and tells today you should be extremely blissful as you got such a major lottery. Bolti derides Naina and advises her to accompany her. Kajol inquires as to whether she pardoned her? Dida Maa advises Kajol to keep Anurag cheerful and her satisfaction is in his joy. Naina tells Priyanka so at last she acknowledged her defeat,Naina taunts her. Priyanka advises Naina to celebrate as her sister scored large. Naina ridicules Priyanka and tells she feels for her and can turn the game on her side.

Priyanka asks Naina for what good reason could she conflict with her sister to help her? Naina saves her contact in Priyanka’s telephone and advises him to reach her later. Ayan tells Anurag he is actually quite fortunate and he at last stood out he merits. Bolti tells it is a major declaration however the festival is so low so turn up the music. Sharmila welcomes every one of the couples in front of an audience and requests that they dance. Naina advises Arjun to move well. Arjun lets Naina know that now Kajol will wed Anurag so she will far superior to you. Naina figures she won’t simply take share in her dad’s property yet additionally get haziness Kajol’s life.

Bolti tells Apu at long last Anurag and Kajol’s romantic tale has a blissful completion. Apu recounts at long last their unfortunate romantic tale changed into a heartfelt story. Kajol lets Anurag know there is no bound to her satisfaction today. Anurag tells Kajol at long last the sovereign of his fantasies and his princess is before him,with him. Anurag and Kajol dance nimbly as Maahi Re plays in foundation. The episode closes with everybody applauding Anurag and Kajol as they embrace one another.

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