Thapki Pyar Ki 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Veena says I will make Amma agree but I can’t let Thapki stay in our place as my daughter in law. Thapki comes to Veena with Kadha and asks her to drink it to regain her energy. Veena gets angry with her Stammering and she about to throw it but Purab stops her and tells to Thapki that he will make his Mom have it. Amma says glad you’re fine, i felt worried. Veena signs to Purab than he asks Thapki to get ready saying he will leave her at her place. Thapki asks Is it for Paghphera? Can we go tomorrow as Mom in law health is not for. Purab asks her to get ready saying others will take care of her. Veena asks her to go than Thapki leave by telling her that she will return soon.

Thapki packs her suitcase. Purab asks her to get ready soon. Thapki says you locked me in room but did you saw how Mom in law accepted me. Purab recalls his Mom words and he thinks it’s not correct time to tell her family members. Thapki goes to change her dress and Purab asks her to not lock the door but she goes without listening to him. Later she asks why it’s not opening. Purab says it’s jammed from morning but you didn’t listen to me. Thapki request her to help her than Purab enters inside through ventilator window. Both tries to open the door than they fell on eachother once the door is opened suddenly.

While leaving Thapki notices worker got hurt than she bandaids his wound. Worker blesses her than she asks him to pat her with love as they can get strength to face problems than he taps her. Purab notices her care. Dadi gives gifts to Thapki to her family and asks her to return soon. Thapki agrees and leaves from Veena place. Ashok warmly welcomes Thapki and Purab. Jaya performs their Aarti than they asks them to leave their kukum handprints on wall. Purab thinks how to tell them that i came to leave her. Preethi and Sudha thinks their prayers are not working. Sudha says something bis fishy. Thapki leaves her handprints. Purab denies. Dadi asks Veena why she is sprinkling gangajal on her. Veena says I hugged that girl and gave blessings so I need to purify myself. Dadi asks if Purab really takes Thapki to Paghphera? Will she returns to our place.

Jaya and Ashok asks Purab to finish the ritual by leaving hid handprints on wall but he denies than Anshul places his hands on Kumkum water but Purab asks them to leave than Thapki notices god photo about to fell down so she runs to hold it by pushing Purab aside and Purab falls on wall and his handprints pasted on wall. Purab thinks if she pushed him intentionally or not.

Veena says I sent her to her home and she won’t return to our place as she don’t deserve to stay in our house. Amma says it’s marriage not Mazak. Veena says it’s easy to get their divorce as he intended to marry Hansika but married Thapki, this reason is enough. Amma says Mata Rani makes jodis and Mata Rani will decide whether to make or break Purab-Thapki jodi. Veena Devi says that it’s straight forward that she can’t accept Thapki as her bahu, it doesn’t matter even if God himself tries to convince her as i won’t get changed. Sapna and Priyank smiles. Thapki stands near Veena photo and thinks she is still can’t believe that her Idol became her Mom in law. Purab tries to talk with Thapki but Anshul takes them to have dinner.

Priyanka asks her Mom in law to smile to celebrate. Veena comes to dining table and says you know about Thapki’s problem na jiji? That’s why you wanted me to get insulted infront of everyone. Sapna asks her to stop accusing her as you’re the one who choosed Thapki. Priyanka says her Mom in law is innocent. Sapna and Priyank asks Shankar to get their food to room and leaves. Purab sees so many dishes and asks if they prepared it since morning. Ashok says her sister made the dishes. Jaya asks if they too had dinner together. Dadi asks Veena to end the issues. Veena asks what about Thapki. Dadi says Thapki is innocent. Veena announces she will never accept Thapki as her Bahu.

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