Bigg Boss 15 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Kamya Punjabi shares a talk with inmates. She call Rajiv first. Kamya asks Rajiv if he can’t talk in public than he should not keep saying ‘I can’t tell’ and cry. Rajiv says it was personal. Kamya adds Rajiv gave footage to Meisha and leshaan who were just seeing cozy with each other. Leshaan gets offended. Punjabi asks Rajiv to play well as he has potential. She asks Umar to play good as he has potential too.

Kamya next call Shamita and asks if she is getting camera conscious. Shamita says she will come out from the shell. Kamya asks everyone to play the game. She says to Nishant that he can turn a master mind but he needs to figure out. Kamya says to Nishant he bitch about Karan along with Tejasswi.

Kamya talk with Tejasswi. She says to Tejasswi that she is playing well. BB asks Kamya to save one contender from nomination. Kamya says she will not save Simba because she want him to come out from his shell. She saved Karan.

Afterwards, leshaan says he is upset with Kamya’s statement which she has passed. Karan and Tejasswi says kamya is sorted person and has advice to him as an audience and experienced contender.

11:30 PM; Tejasswi asks Meisha if she will keep food for her. Meisha refuse to have food. She gets emotional. Tejasswi and Simba talk with Meisha. Meisha says leshaan is not bothered about her and from now she will play her own game. Ieshaan says to Tejasswi that he can’t take a stand for Meisha every now and then. Verbal argument happen between Meisha and Ieshaan. Simba advice Ieshaan to be down to earth.

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12 AM; Rajiv talk with Simba and says Tejasswi keeps interfering in everyone’s matter. He adds he won’t allow her interrupt in his matter. Simba says Tejasswi keep giving advice to him too.

Jay talk with Ieshaan and Meisha and try to sort their matter. Jay advice Ieshaan to be clear with his words else it will create damage for him. Meisha breaks down. Ieshaan tries to talk. Meisha yells at Ieshaan.

1:15 AM; Jay talk with Meisha. He says when Rajiv entered he asked Ieshaan between him and Meisha whom he will choose. Ieshaan took Rajiv’s name. Jay asks Meisha to play using her brain. Meisha asks Jay if ever she need him, will he take a stand for her. Jay nods yes.

Day 32 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up. Vishal greet the audience.

10:30 AM; Rajiv says he keep cleaning the kitchen post using but Nishant don’t. Nishant and Rajiv argue with each other.

11:30 AM; Tejasswi asks Simba if he will cook dinner or not. She asks Simba if he is not cooking that he should place the utensils. Pratik side Simba and says he do every night. Verbal argument happen between Tejasswi and Pratik.

12:30 PM; BB announce nomination task is still going on. He says Karan, Tejasswi, Jay and Vishal is getting privilege to save one contender by mutually deciding with each other. Nishant, Afsana, Umar, Simba, Shamita, Pratik, Rajiv, Ieshaan and Meisha tries to convince Tejasswi, Vishal, Jay and Karan.

Ahead, Tejasswi says she don’t want Meisha and Pratik. Karan says his name is Ieshaan and Meisha. Jay says he want to nominate Afsana and Simba. Vishal says his name is Meisha-Ieshaan Afsana. Four of them decide upon nominating the contender. Vishal, Karan and Tejasswi agree with Meisha or Ieshaan’s name. Jay disagree with Meisha’s name. Four of them argue with each other.

Karan tries to convince Jay to decide upon either Ieshaan or Meisha. BB asks everyone to gather. Jay agree upon Meisha’s name.

3:45PM; BB asks Karan, Vishal, Tejasswi and Jay to reveal the name whom they want to nominate. Tejasswi takes Meisha’s name. Jay refuse to agree upon Meisha’s name. BB says if Karan, Jay, Vishal and Tejasswi will not mutually decide than amid the four one will get nominated. Karan, Jay, Vishal and Tejasswi decide upon Meisha’s name. Meisha gets nominated for the week.

4:15 PM; Meisha says to Jay she don’t have anything against him. Jay says Tejasswi, Karan, Vishal decided upon her name. Meisha says she knows thus, nothing against him. Nishant asks Meisha what she think about him. Meisha says he don’t matter to him.

There, Meisha talk with Shamita and says Tejasswi and Vishal is after her. Later, Karan read third part of the nomination task. Nishant, Umar, Pratik, Simba, Shamita, Afsana, Rajiv and ieshaan gets a chance to save themselves from the nomination. Tejasswi, Karan, Vishal and Jay become the sanchalak of the task. 8 nominated contenders have to collect coconuts in the basket. The one with more coconuts will win the task.

Shamita chose Vishal to play on her behalf as she is injured. Afterwards, Umar and Ieshaan makes an alliance for the task. Simba, Vishal, Pratik and Nishant make their alliance. Meisha reveal to Ieshaan about Simba, Vishal and Pratik’s alliance. Rajiv, Afsana, Umar and Ieshaan tries to make their alliance. Umar decide to get Nishant out anyways.

Simba look for his basket. He confront Umar if he has hidden his. Umar refuse. Pratik says Umar removed Simba’s name from the basket. BB announce contenders can’t mess with props before the task starts. Umar and Pratik argue with each other.

5:30 PM; Jay, Tejasswi and Karan as sanchalak make their strategy for the task.

5:45PM; Buzzer ring; Nishant, Umar, Pratik, Simba, Vishal, Afsana, Rajiv and ieshaan tries to collect the coconuts. Nishant, Simba hide their coconut. Umar and Ieshaan tries to fetch the coconuts.

6:15 PM; Buzzer ring; BB asks sanchalak’s to tell which contender has a maximum coconuts. Tejasswi, Karan and Jay announce Afsana is the winner. BB asks Afsana whom she wants to nominate. Afsana nominate Simba.

7 PM; Tejasswi claim that Karan and Jay that it seems they want to make win some particular contender. Karan and Jay says it is her thinking and they can’t change it. There, Simba, Pratik and Nishant make the task strategy.

7:15 PM; Buzzer ring and task start; Simba, Iehsaan and Umar tries to collect the coconut. In the heat of the moment, Simba pushed Umar in the pool. Iehsaan yells at Simba. Simba claim Umar abused him thus he pushed. Verbal argument happen between Ieshaan and Simba. Jay, Karan asks Simba not to repeat their mistake. Umar claim he didn’t abused Simba.

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