Thapki Pyar Ki 2 4th April 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 4th April 2022 Written Update on The episode begins with Thapki let Preethi know that she will have their help. Purab comes there and tells her that Singhania’s will constantly uphold her as Sagar conned you in the manner Rohit swindled Sargam and I won’t allow you to demolish your life and how could Sagar can be your first love when he can’t satisfy his vows to his significant other. Thapki says valid, you merit better who acknowledges you before the world, and did Sagar at any point acknowledge you before everybody. Preethi reviews how Sagar overlooked her before everybody. Sagar lets Priyanka know that he cherishes her. He slaps himself and tells her that she is right that he is awful and undermines that he will commit suicide assuming she leaves him. Priyanka makes him drop the glass and embraces him in tears.

Preethi understands her misstep and expressions of remorse to them and gratitude to them for preventing her from doing the wrongdoing. She tells how might she face her dad. Ashok comes there and requests that she not recurrent her mix-up and pardons her. They embrace Ashok cheerfully. Ashok says everything is set. Purab says Thapki is the person who set everybody’s concerns. Preethi says how about we go to our home Dad. Ashok concurs.

Later Preethi Apologizes to relatives for harming them. Dadi says it’s a mix-up of Sagar as well and we can’t fault you. Preethi says Thapki is gold and she takes everybody’s faults on herself. She lets them know that they did a slip-up in their self image and Thapki uncovered reality to Priyanka before marriage expecting her as you however Priyanka and Sapna aunt conceal this reality from you. Relatives get stunned. Preethi says Priyanka gave us cash to stay quiet until Thapki gets hitched to this house as Sapna aunt needs to make you embarrassed before visitors and you folks did many mix-ups yet accused Thapki.

Dadi slaps Sapna and defies why she made it happen. Sapna says Veena showed me low and this family observes the guidelines of Veena and I have no regard in this house. Veena says she can’t talk in like that. Sapna says you need to pay attention to reality and you brought in cash however I make it home yet nobody upheld me and Veena made her significant other a shoe. Vinod says Veena didn’t get it done. Veena separates. Dadi experiences discombobulated in rage. Purab requests that Dadi quiet down. He requests that Sapna stop. Sapna says everybody needs to pay attention to her.

Dadi says stop and I upheld Veena as she worked for this family and I saw how much agony she went through for us to have an extravagant life and she didn’t mistreat her better half if not they might be got isolated and you may never address Vinod assuming he is instead of Veena and you made Priyanka like you that is the reason she didn’t think about this family as her’s. Purab attempts to stop her. Dadi falls oblivious. Everybody feels stressed.

Specialist actually takes a look at Dadi and cautions relatives to not give any pressure to Dadi. Thapki requests that Dadi get well soon for them. Veena and Sapna battle with one another. Thapki requests that they stop their battles for Dadi’s wellbeing. Purab says they will not tune in as they simply care for their disdain. Sapna inquires as to why he is supporting his Mom whom he detests to such an extent. Veena says he understood that he is with me. Purab signs Sagar and lets Sapna know that he isn’t Veena’s ally. Veena looks on.

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