Thapki Pyar Ki 2 2nd April 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 2nd April 2022 Written Update on The episode begins with Thapki attempting to awaken Preethi. Dadi feels dazed seeing the situation. Sapna causes her to sit then she slaps Sagar for demolishing the existences of Preethi and Priyanka. Sagar attempts to go towards Preethi however Thapki cautions him to not approach her. Purab brings Doctor. Specialist treats Preethi and lets them know that they need to illuminate the police as it’s a self destruction case.

Sagar says he will get captured in the event that police enter this case. Specialist tells he can’t help. Sapna signs Purab to make due. Purab demand the Doctor to pack the matter from Police. Specialist inquires as to whether something occurs. Thapki lets him know she will assume liability of Preethi as she is her cousin. Specialist concurs and passes on requesting that they deal with Preethi. Sapna expresses gratitude toward Thapki for saving her child. Sagar attempts to say something yet Thapki stops him and sends them outside telling she will remain with Preethi.

In the night Purab goes to Preethi’s room and notification Thapki is dozing adjacent to Preethi. She awakens in shock. Purab tells her she really wants a few rest and takes her outside with him to have some natural air. Purab and Thapki talk about they become each other help to cross the hardships of life. Purab says Preethi will get somebody who gets her. Thapki expresses gratitude toward him for supporting her. Purab tells her he gained it from her. Thapki rests on his shoulder and lets him know that she gained sentiment from him. Purab grins. They hear Preethi hacking sound and race to the room. Thapki causes Preethi to have her tablets.

The following day, Thapki performs Aarti. Everybody joins Aarti. Dadi lets Thapki know that all that will be better soon. Thapki comes to Priyanka with Aarti and inquires as to whether she is furious with her. Priyanka says OK and you’re the sister of Preeti that is the reason you stressed for Preeti the entire evening. Anshul comes there and tells Thapki is great to deal with everybody. Ashok conciliatory sentiments to everybody from Preeti’s side and tells Sudha raised is off-base. Anshul says it’s a misstep of Preeti and Sagar so not to fault their Mom’s raised. Veena concurs. Vinod requests that Ashok take Preethi with them. Preethi comes there letting them know she won’t accompany them. Ashok demands her to come telling her he won’t let her break the wedded existence of Sagar. Preethi says Sagar doesn’t adore Priyanka that is the reason he comes to me and she isn’t satisfying him. Priyanka becomes irate and leaves from that point. Sagar follows her.

Preethi denies leaving. She feels dazed. Anshul takes more time to room. Ashok weeps for her little girl. Thapki attempts to comfort him. Ashok apologizes to Thapki telling her he can’t do anything even in the wake of realizing Sudha and Preethi are destroying your life. Thapki holds him. Sagar asks Priyanka to not take off from the house and demands briefly possibility. Sapna demands Priyanka to not leave. Sagar holds Priyanka’s feet to allow him another opportunity. Priyanka says you can never show signs of change as it’s your propensity. Anshul inquires as to whether exactly the same thing happens to her? How would you expect that Sagar will be honest to you? What’s more, Sagar needs pardoning of his better half and not you so wake you up to see reality and regardless of whether you get Sagar then that will be your loss as he needs Priyanka. Thapki says Anshul is right so see in any case later on you can’t confront yourself.

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