Thapki Pyar Ki 2 1st April 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 1st April 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Preethi let Thapki know that she will not retreat and will figure out with Sagar as she arranged with Purab. Thapki says breaking somebody’s marriage isn’t love. Preethi leaves telling she will not comprehend. Purab comes to Thapki and says Preethi isn’t understanding her misstep and Sagar doesn’t adore Preethi that is the reason he concealed their undertaking from everybody and doesn’t have the foggiest idea when Preethi understand her error.

Thapki says she is feeling awful for Priyanka and she goes to converse with her. Priyanka sees her photographs with Sagar and reviews their wonderful minutes and how he undermined her. She thinks perhaps something is absent in my marriage. Thapki comes to Priyanka’s room. Priyanka requests that she leave telling she would rather not talk with anybody. Thapki embraces her without leaving. Priyanka cries.

Thapki inquires as to why she is bearing all the agony alone. Priyank says I adored Sagar a great deal however don’t have any idea why he betrayed me and I’m not a lady who can bear the cheating of my significant other and these tears are for confiding in him aimlessly and didn’t see that he undermined me. Sagar hears their discussion. Thapki says you believed him and it’s not your slip-up and I too confronted a similar circumstance so don’t lose your expectation which can reinforce Preethi.

Priyanka says Purab never contacted Hansika and will you acknowledge whether something occurs among Hansika and Purab. Thapki says don’t have the foggiest idea and it’s your choice whether you need this relationship or finishes it and men don’t have ability to deal with the relationship like ladies and I will uphold your choice. Sagar prevents himself from going into the room.

Dadi asks Maata rani in tears. Swapna shares with Dadi everything Veena has said about her is totally correct. I was desirous of Veena and when Purab and Thapki’s relationship is separating I was having a good time. What they say is correct If you wish sick to somebody it will likewise happen to you. Swapna says she has committed an error and cries before Dadi. Dadi says it’s called Karma when you wish sick to somebody it will happen to you however on the off chance that you understand your misstep, Lord Krishna will allow you an opportunity. Dadi says we need to remain on Priyanka’s side.

Swapna says she won’t walk out on Priyanka. Sagar punches the punching pack with his exposed hands and rebuffs himself. Purab sees it and gets out whatever will you get by rebuffing yourself. Sagar says then what can really be done. Purab says that you played with two lives why since you need to time elapse. Purab says about the significance of a spouse and determines what they penance. Purab says they can deal with everything except they can’t deal with giving their right to another person and you have made it happen. Sagar says I will do anything and I am even prepared to ask. Purab says do anything and I figure she will concur and excuse you. Purab likewise expresses sorry for slapping him.

Priyanka is in the kitchen empties water into the glass and ponders what Thapki said. Sagar shares with Priyanka the glass is full. Sagar stops Priyanka when she attempts to leave he goes on his knees and apologizes to Priyanka for what he did. Priyanka says for what reason would it be advisable for me I excuse you and says Even assuming I need to I can never pardon you. Sagar says to allow their relationship another opportunity. She can never give it as there are no recollections and what recollections I have you have stained them with your treachery. Preeti comes and says she is dismissing you so you have no other decision other than me. Sagar cautions Preethi that he committed an error yet not Priyanka and says to converse with her with deference.

Preeti says you don’t have the foggiest idea what I am able to do. She takes the kitchen blade goes into the lobby and calls everybody. Preeti says She won’t go anyplace till you do my marriage with Sagar. She cuts her hand with the blade to demonstrate the amount she cherishes Sagar. All the relatives are stunned by what she does. She asks basically to wed her now. She tells Sagar that he is her first love and she was unable to leave him like that. Purab stops the blood stream and attempts to call the specialist seeing she falls oblivious.

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