Thapki Pyar Ki 2 31st March 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 31st March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Preethi sharing with Sagar don’t get compromised by these dangers and let you know that you love me. Sagar says to stop it. Sagar says she is my significant other and you aren’t anything. I considered relaxing with you however you acquired my terrible time front of me. Sagar shares with Priyanka that he committed an error and to pardon him. Priyanka inquires as to whether she messed up the same way would he excuse her. Sagar remains quiet. Preethi says to stop it and says that you brought me here to make me the little girl in law of this family and I won’t go anyplace until it is finished.

Veena sees them and asks what’s happening here. Dadi goes to the sanctuary and returns. Dadi asks what’s going on. Preethi says she will tell and requests her approval and says she is Sagar’s subsequent spouse. Veena asks Swapna what is she talking about. Swapna expresses out loud whatever’s there is as of now infront of you there is compelling reason need to say anything. Veena asks what are you going to do about it. Swapna asks Veena when Thapki and Hansika are groveling on Purab were you ready to do anything.

You couldn’t do anything this is likewise my circumstance. I was constrained yet she imagines that she can get what she needs in this house like Thapki. These sisters are similar they consider getting what they need by busy. Veena and Purab say not to tear down Thapki. Dadi says Thapki arrived at this house to save us from Hansika. She did how she safeguarded our status. Sapna says she concurs she has an explanation however this young lady has not a great explanation. Sapna shares with Sagar to toss her out of the house. Preethi says she isn’t Thapki she knows how to represent herself.

Preethi tells Sagar I am here a direct result of your guarantees and you need to satisfy them. Purab asks Sagar what is she referring to. Priyanka shares with Purab what she says is correct. She learned about their relationship on holi. Around then I have two options I will cry and commit suicide Or to cause them show something new and cause him to feel how I felt. Purab slaps Sagar and says Shame on you. Swapna says he is your sibling. Purab says that is the reason he has gotten it done. Veena gets out anything that Purab has done he has made the best choice. What sort of a mother are you your child is going on some unacceptable course and you are not halting him.

Sapna says you are giving me information on great mother. Purab went to all inclusive school since you maintain that your name should be well known. Veena says OK and says however on the off chance that she didn’t do what she did around then the Singhania family won’t be in the same place as it at the present time and you won’t be wearing this sort of costly gems. Dadi quiets down the two of them and tells Preethi to leave this issue here yet Preethi doesn’t tune in and says Sagar has guaranteed me a ton of things and he needs to pay all due respects to all of them.

Priyanka sees Sagar and says offer her responses and leaves. Sapna attempts to toss her out of the house however Preethi pushes Sapna and Purab gets her. Ashok and Jaya are blissful about Thapki’s marriage. Purab comes there with Sapna. Sapna requests that Ashok persuade Preethi and remove her from the house. Thapki asks what occurred. Sapna gets out whatever occurred. Thapki says she will persuade Preethi and bring her. Thapki tells Preethi why she is here isn’t right and no one will be blissful as a result of it. What you are doing isn’t adore however hardheadedness and it will not you to push ahead in your life. Preethi says I haven’t gone to Sagar however Sagar came to me and made guarantees. Preethi asks Thapki when Purab is wedding Hansika have she withdrew. She says you figured it out. The same way I will figure it out.

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