Thapki Pyar Ki 2 28th March 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 28th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anjali compromising Thapki that she will sell bits of Veena records and toss out Singhania’s from their home and in the event that I didn’t do it then I’m not the mother of Hansika. Thapki says you need to confront me to do it and I won’t allow anything to happen to my family and I will inform Purab concerning everything.

Anjali say illuminate him that I will welcome his family on the streets in the event that he didn’t let Hansika out of prison. Thapki requests what kind from Mom you’re? Your little girl endeavored to kill us. Anjali says she didn’t come to hear her Gyaan and take this bargain any other way nobody can save Singhania’s. Priyanka and Preeti battle with one another. Vinod stops and questions why they are battling. Veena requests that Priyanka return to her room and requests that Preeti take off from her home. Sagar requests that Preeti leave. Priyanka tells this is my home and leave from here.

Preeti becomes furious and she lets them know that it will be her home and she holds Sagar’s hand and requests that he tell truth to everybody that he doesn’t adore Priyanka and gets some information about their adoration and undertaking. Veena inquires as to whether it’s valid? Preeti requests that he not be frightened of the blackmailer and lets him know that they can wed each other by uncovering reality. Sagar goes to Priyanka and lets everybody know that Preeti is lying. Preeti opens her versatile to discredit him yet she motivates it are erased to see talks.

Sagar thinks he has proactively obliterated evidence and he faults Preeti before relatives. Sapna slaps Preeti and cautions her to take off from their home. Priyanka thinks Preeti got her example and presently it’s the ideal opportunity for Sagar. Sapna sees Priyanka is grinning and figures how could Priyanka stay cool after this occurrence promotion she think in the event that she knows it all from previously and she remembers to see if the blackmailer is Priyanka.

Thapki comes to meet Purab. He says Jaya mother dislike you to meet me. Thapki shuts his mouth and inquires as to why he didn’t inform her regarding notice. Purab asks who told her. Thapki says Dadi illuminated her. Purab says I don’t maintain that Jaya aunt should feel we are utilizing you. Thapki says Mom is irate that is the reason we are meeting out however your concerns are mine and this is everything I said to Anjali aunt as well.

Purab inquires as to whether she went to police headquarters. Thapki says no and informs him concerning Anjali’s interest and uncovers to him that contrary organization proprietor is, as a matter of fact, Anjali. Purab says he won’t leave her. Thapki says they can get cash assuming that they discharge 2 collections in these 10 days. Purab inquires as to whether she can make it happen. Thapki tells she can and requests that he deal with altering and different things. He concurs.

Sudha takes cash from Anjali and guarantees her that Thapki won’t come in their manner to get Veena records. Anjali tells she will get more cash assuming she took care of business. Sudha feels cheerful and consents to carry out her arrangement. Anjali leaves. Sudha imparts her arrangement to Preeti. Preeti denies supporting her and passes on to her room. Preeti figures Sagar might acknowledge me assuming the blackmailer issue gets settled and she messages to Blackmailer. Priyanka peruses the message and blows up seeing Preethi actually needs to supplant her. Then, at that point, she messages Preeti that she won’t leave them. Sapna sees Priyanka moves and thinks to her in the act.

Thapki gets back. Jaya asks where she went. Thapki tells her she went to meet Purab. Jaya says I realize what occurred as Ashok informed me and she cautions Thapki to avoid Singhania’s family saying they merit discipline for harming her. Thapki says they are my family as well and Veena records are my Guru’s place and my better half’s hardwork.

Jaya says they never think about you as their family so I won’t allow you to help them. Thapki says she will conflict with her to help them as it’s her Dharm to save Veenaa records and tells her that she will go to sing for them in the following day to organize cash and requests that she favor her. Sudha hears everything and figures she will perceive the way it works out. Thapki begins her practices yet she gets hack. She remembers to get ready Kadha. Purab comes there with Kadha and tells her that he is there to help her with an exquisite pat. Thapki grins.

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